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kidney infection & medication.

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you drink too much lemons

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concentrated uric acid is yellow

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Q: Why does your pee change colors?
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Why do pee colors change?

Sometimes our pee change colour whether it is yellow or clear...If your pee is in yellow colour it means you need to drink alot of water and if it is clear you drink water alot.

Does green beer turn your pee green?

when you drink green beer the chemicals in your body change to allow the green beer become pee. when you drink other things they all have their own colors but in average, the colors usually sum up to a yellowish color. like i said a couple of sentences ago: the chemicals change, making your pee reddish yellow.

What causes the nashua river to turn different colors?

De peeple. Dey take pee in wata. Wata change cola. Das how wata change cola.

Why cant pee be different colors?

It can! Try eating a lot of beets. Your pee will be red.

What kind of colors can you pee?


Can colors change?

Can colors change???What they can change???The question is not clear............if it is 'Can colors be changed?'then the answer is Yes...

Why is poop brown and why is pee yellow?

Due to the combination and natural colors in them

Can you pee different colors?

drink alot of the same color of Gadorade

Can golden retreivers change colors?

No they can not change colors

Can butterflies change colors?

Butterflies can change their colors!!!!!!

Will diapers leak if you pee very big?

They will leak if you pee a lot and do not change it.

What colors are spiders pee and poo?

Their poo is normally a kind of purple colour, as they love eating blueberries. Their pee, on the other hand, is rainbow