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most bodies of water have salt in them, correct? and most bodies of water have moss in them, correct? so if your pool has salt in it, and is under sunlight, its going to produce moss!

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Q: Why does your salt water pool keep turning green?
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How do you fix a green salt water pool?

To fix a green salt water pool, add chlorine. Users can also add algae prevention chemicals to keep the pool from turning green.

How do you keep an above ground swimming pool from turning green?

Proper water chemistry instead of neglect. Long filter periods and a clean filter.

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out of required parameters.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

Does Chlorine make pool water green?

No, algae makes your pool water green. Use chlorine to kill the algae and maybe a good algaecide to keep it clear.

Just filled our above ground 18ft round pool with water. About 24 hours later there is a green look to it. We haven't even used it yet. Is this because of our water hardness level. We have very hard water.(from well) What can be done to clear up the water?

Your water is turning green due to algae. You need to scrub your pool walls to and then "Shock" your pool by adding chlorine. Keep your pool filtered and it should clear up in a few days.

Does a solar cover keep water in your pool?

Yes, the solar cover helps to prevent evaporation, (water turning to water vapor and leaving the pool). Evaporation is also one of the major causes of heat loss to a pool.

What would cause a pool to stay green and foggy?

Algae will develop in untreated water turning the water green and or foggy. If it is a swimming pool, and you don't mind, it can be treated with chemicals that you can get at the big box hardware stores or a pool supply place. If the pool is for fish you can use a biological filter and pump system.

Why does my Intex salt water pool system keep turning the water brown - goes into the system clear but water exits the system - and into pool - brownish?

Are you using iodized salt or pool salt? I've read that the iodine in the iodized salt will leave yellow staining in the pool.

What color do you have to paint your pool for the water to be green?


How do I get rid of Green water in my pool?

i need to know how to get rid of green water

How do you prevent hair from turning green from pool water?

Do not use blue (copper) algecide. If you have already added too much blue algecide in the past, the only way to remove it is to buy a metal remover at your pool supply or do a partial drain and refill of the pool water. Pool Masters

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