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It only works for the valentine version

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Q: Why does your sims freeplay money cheat not work?
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How long do Sims work in Sims Freeplay?

How much it says for it to work and you can look in the newspaper on the sims to find a job.

How do you stop sims from bringing friends home from work sims 2?

You cant but you can tell them to leave, Or use the money cheat and dont send your sims to work.

How do you get the stiar cheat to work for the sims 2 ps2?

how do i get the stair cheat to work for the sims 2 ps2

How do you vomit in sims freeplay?

To make your Sims puke in "Sims Freeplay" you need to shake your device approximately 3-4 secs. Another thing that also works is to feed your Sims rotten or spoiled food. This is 100% guaranteed to work. Try it out!

Does the boolprop cheat work in sims 2 pet stories?

Unfortunately not :( However, both money cheats work i.e. kaching and motherlode.

Is there a cheat to get unlimited money in the sims urbz for ds?

No. You have to work for your money like everyone else. That's just being lazy. That's probably why there's no cheat for that. Because then you just be lazy.

How do you get the stairs to work after you do the cheat on Sims 2 for ps2?

what is the cheat for the stairs

Can sims cheats work on the iPhone?

YES! There are several Sims apps for the iPhone including...The Sims 3The Sims 3 World AdventuresThe Sims 3 AmbitionsThe Sims™ MedievalThe Sims™ Freeplay

Can Sims 2 Sims have triplets?

There is a cheat but it does not work, so no you cannot have triplets.

Where to get woodworking material on sims freeplay?

You have to have the sports center.then you go to the second floor click on one of the work benches

How do you kill someone on the sims freeplay?

Actually, Sims cant catch on fire. Believe me. I've tried it. it doesn't work. Right now i am starving my Sim.

Will sims automatically go to work on sims freeplay?

press on your sim tracker button and then the briefcase will light up when the sim needs to go to work, just make sure they actually have a job first