Why doesn' t the screen resolution work on Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

screen resolution work on gta san Andreas

I have tested it on my laptop it really works.

Windows 7 32bit ultimate

ATI mobility

1)Go to ATI Driver Software:

- Graphics/Desktop & Display/ click triangle button in big Screen Model and press "Properties" option

- now change resolution to lower one.(in my lapy i have changed it from 1366x768 to 1280x720.)

- Save & Exit.

2)now again go to ATI CATALYST Application

- Graphics/Desktop & Display/ this time click on bottom left small Laptop icon's triangle from where u can get to "Configure" option

- now you will find three scaling options:

>Preserve aspect ratio

>full screen


- u select full screen button

- save & exit.

3)now go to desktop

- click right click of mouse

- go to "Personalize" option

- than click "Display" button

- in that u will find "Display Resolution" Option,go to there.

- now change resolution to max (as it was 1366x768 in my case)

- apply ,save changes abd exit .

you have done,full screen full resolution boom

(if it does not work than try all this procedure after minimizing the game .as i have first started game than switched to desktop via tab button (minimize game) and than i have done above all procedure. i am just saying i don't no that if this stuff affect or not but try if you want.)

(here i have done changing resolution by two diff methods and use full screen option in ati application

first u might not get three option in configuration option and also cant change scaling option as they are brown as mentioned in step 2 but after lowering resolution u can access them)

if u like please respond


have a fun