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The Muslim calendar is based on the lunar calendar and it does not have any leap years. The Lunar calendar is shorter than the Solar calendar and therefore the Muslim calendar falls out at a different point in the Solar calendar every year.

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the Muslim calendar is based on lunar calendar and it does not have any leap years. the lunar calendar is shorter than the solar calendar and therefore the lunar calendar falls out at the different point in the solar calendar every year

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It's calculated using a lunar calendar. This doesn't match up precisely with the solar calendar, so any given date on the lunar calendar drifts by about 11 or 12 days each year with respect to the solar calendar.

Jewish holidays bounce around also but at least stay in the same season because the Hebrew calendar is a lunisolar calendar: they stick in an extra month every couple of years to bring it back into rough agreement with the solar year. This keeps Passover somewhere around the vernal equinox and Hanukkah somewhere around the winter solstice every year, though the exact date varies in the common (Gregorian) calendar.

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because of lunar calendar that it move 15 day around a year.

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Q: Why doesn't Ramadan fall at the same time every year?
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