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Hurricanes and Tropical cyclones need to be in ideal conditions in order to form. One of these conditions is water temperature, the ocean surface temperature must be 26.5 degrees Celsius or more in order to form, these water temperatures are found most commonly around the tropics and equator. Tasmania is nearer to the poles than the tropics, hence the water is far cooler than what is necessary for a cyclone to form.

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Cyclones need warm ocean temperatures of 26 degrees or higher to form. The sea currents around Australia do not all emanate from these warmer waters, which is why regions further south do not have warm enough waters to generate cyclones.

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No. The warm water currents that cyclones tend to follow do not reach as far south as Tasmania.

Also, 'hurricane' is not the term used around Australia. The correct term is 'cyclone'.

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because they dont want to

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Q: Why doesn't Tasmania get cyclones?
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