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Because it takes more force to give a larger mass the same acceleration. So it all balances out ...

less force of gravity on a smaller mass, more force of gravity on a larger mass, always produces

the same acceleration.

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Q: Why doesn't a heavier rock fall faster when the force of gravity is twice as much on two kg object verse a one kg object?
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What was Aristotle's theory about gravity?

aristotle's theiry of gravity was the heavier the object the faster it will fall.

Why do objects weigh less on mars than they do on earth?

because there is no gravity on mars and it doesnt pull down on the object to make it heavier

When does the mass and or size of an object affect the time of its free fall?

if an object is lightr it will fall slower because gravity wont take it down as fast if it is heavier it will make the gravity pull it down faster

Do heavier objects go father then a lighter object?

No because of gravity who doesnt knkow that j jk jk jp jjp jp

Does gravity affect an objects with greater mass weight or both?

Gravity effects heavier objects. In other words the heavier the object is, the more gravity effects the object which makes it heavy.

What effects does mass have on gravity?

the more mass the object has the stronger the gravity will pull down on the object making it heavier

What makes an object move faster and faster when it falls?


How does the weight of a toy car affect the distance it travels?

Gravity, the heavier the object the more force gravity has on it, and the faster it can accell before the force of friction (from the wheels, road surface and air) equal the force of gravity till it hits is maximum speed.

The force of gravity on a 4kg object is twice that on a 2kg object Why does the 4kg object not fall with twice the accleration?

The reason that a heavier object does not fall faster even though there is more gravitational force on it is because it has more mass, and more energy is required to accelerate the greater mass. A small mass doesn't need a lot of force on it to accelerate it. It's "light" in weight. But a heavier one needs more force on it to accelerate it equally. Want a heavier object to accelerate the same as a lighter one? Apply more force. Gravity does that. Automatically. Think it through and it will lock in.

Why lighter pendulum stop faster than the heavy one?

more mass in motion= higher stored energy, requiring more forces (friction, gravity) to still the momentum of the heavier object.

Why is it harder to stop heavier objects?

If object "A" is heavier than object "B", then object "A" also has more mass (weight = mass x gravity, and gravity can be assumed to be constant for most practical purposes). And more mass causes more inertia - inertia is the direct result of the amount of mass.

Why are object heavier on earth than on the moon?

The earth's gravity is about six times that of the gravity of the moon and weight is proportional to gravitational attraction.