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The Moon has gravity, it is about 1/6 that of Earth's, but it is strong enough to keep objects from floating away.

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Q: Why doesn't equipment float away on the moon?
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Why didn't the moon buggy float away?

Because the moon have gravity too

What materials are needed to live on the moon?

Anything that will resist gravity and not float away .

Why do you fote on the moon?

One does not necessarily float on the moon, rather experiences less gravity which in turn doesnt pull you down at the same speed as persay on the earth

Can you see the equipment left on the moon from earth?

No,its way to far away.

Can you make a tunnel from earth to the moon?

probably not because all the pieces for the tunnel would float away

How does the earth get closer to the moon?

it doesnt the moon is drifting away from earth's gravitational pull by 1 half an inch every year

Do you float on the moon?

No u can't float on the moon cos it has gravity and mass.

Why do we float on the moon?

You don't float, otherwise the astronauts would have just floated away instead of walking around. Gravity is less, so you can jump farther on the moon than on Earth, but you are still held down on the ground.

Why doesn't the moon float?

I think the moon does float...its just like earth i guess:)

What happens when you drop a pen on the moon?

you cant, theres no gravity. the pen doesnt fall, it floats away

Why dont moon buggies float away?

They are in a low gravity environment, but it's not zero gravity. The Moon's surface gravity is about a sixth of the Earth's. That's enough to keep Moon buggies in place.

Is it fun floating in the air on the moon?

You don't float in air on the moon because there is no air on the moon, and you don't float anyway. There is gravity on the moon; it is one-sixth the force of Earth's gravity, so you can jump six times higher on the moon, but you don't float weightlessly.