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It may be old.

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Q: Why doesn't my 2001 Saturn SC2 start after replacing the ignition key cylinder?
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Does a 1996 Fiesta Endura-E engine have a cambelt?

no it doesnt, it has a timing chain. i doesnt need replacing as often as belt.

You lost your ignition key to your 1995 Chevy Lumina that doesnt have remote smarter and doesnt have same steering column that car came with. Is there anyway to bypass the VATS to get it started?

If you know the value of the resistor you can cut the wires going to the lock cylinder and solder in a resistor of the correct value.

How do you replace the ignition on a 91 Camaro rs the plastic around the column doesnt come off?

if you are changing the ignition cylinder you need to remove the steering wheel and dig down to the lock cylinder that way. do becareful you will need a special tool to reinstall components under steering wheel. I had to replace mine when the wire broke that reads the chip in the key The special tool he is speaking of is called a spring depressor.

How do you know if your keyless remote to your car has water damage?

if replacing the battery doesnt fix it.

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Cylinders 1 and 4 on are the same coil. So I would probly start by replacing the 1/4 coil, and if that doesnt solve anything, replace the ignition module next.

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