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The moon does orbit the sun. The moon orbits round the earth, while both earth and the moon orbits round the sun.

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Q: Why doesn't the moon orbit around the sun like the earth does?
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The path earth travels around the sun is called?

it is called and orbit, its elliptical (its like a streached out circle)

why was gravity made or like thought of?

it holds the planets that orbit around the sun and what keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth

What does the Earth's path around the moon look like?

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is an ellipse. The Earth doesn't go around the Moon at all.

Is the orbit of the Earth around the Sun is circular and does it take 24 hours?

The orbit of Earth around the sun is mostly circular but a little bit oval like. The Earth takes 365.26 days to revolve around the sun.

What is a similar word to orbit?

Circle when it is used as a verb like, The Earth circles the sun. A similar word to orbit would be revolve, as in 'the earth orbits around the Sun' and 'the earth revolves around the sun'.

What is the path around the sun called?

The path around the sun is called an orbit. Yea that person's right. doesnt seem like it but it is

How does the moon hover?

It doesn't "hover", it's in orbit around the earth, just like the earth is in orbit around the sun.Basically, the moon has kinetic (movement) energy, which is continually trying to make it move out of orbit. At the same time, the earth pulls on the moon with its gravity. These forces form an equilibrium, resulting in a force that moves the around the earth.

Why the earth and all planet around the sun?

The gravity from the sun "holds" the planets into place and make them orbit the sun. Just like the gravity from the Earth makes the moon orbit the Earth.

Different if earth had an orbit like that of a comet?

our earth would be then fried, becasue the orbit of a comet orbits around the sun which cause the comet to be insanely high. which in one case would fry our earth if our orbit was near the sun

How many days does it take to revolve once around the earth?

That completely depends on the size of your orbit. -- If you're in "low Earth orbit", a few hundred miles above the surface, like the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station, or an astronaut 'floating' around one of them, then the period of the orbit is around 90 minutes. -- If you're in a 22,000-mile orbit, like a geosynchronous satellite, then the period of the orbit is 24 hours. -- If you're in a 238,000-mile orbit, like the moon, then the period of the orbit is 27.3 days.

Why does the moon require gravitational force?

If the Earth had no gravitational effect on the Moon, then it wouldn't orbit the Earth. The Moon revolves around the Earth just like the Earth revolves around the Sun.

What is the shape of the Earth's obit around the sun?

The earth's orbit, like almost all orbits of heavenly bodies, is an ellipse.