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It does. Astronauts on the moon can jump higher than they do on Earth but they still come back down. The moon's gravity is weaker than Earth's because the moon has less mass.

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Q: Why doesnt the moon have enough gravity on it to pull us down?
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Why isn't there air on the moon?

There is no atmosphere on Luna, our moon, because it isn't large enough to have enough force of gravity to keep "air" molecules held down to the moon's surface.

Why do astronauts not go into space when they are on the moon?

The moon has gravity like the earth but not as powerful, yet enough to keep you on the surface

Why the moon doesn't has atmosphere?

Because it doesn't have enough gravity to hold the atmosphere down? :D

Why do you fote on the moon?

One does not necessarily float on the moon, rather experiences less gravity which in turn doesnt pull you down at the same speed as persay on the earth

Why an astronaut does not get pulled into earth on the moon?

The moons gravity holds them down!! The moons gravity maybe lower than the Earth's gravity but on the moon it is strong enough to win the tug of war with Earth's gravitational pull.

Why does the moon have gravity but no air?

The moon has gravity, but it is much weaker than the gravity on Earth. It is not enough to hold onto an atmosphere.

What is the major cause of different sea tides?

Well I'd say the moon. The moon's gravity is strong enough to pull water from Earth \, the Earth's gravity takes over and pulls it down.

Why is there no atmospher on the moon?

The moon's gravity is not strong enough to support an atmosphere.

Why there is not atmosphare on the moon surface?

The Moon does not have enough gravity to retain an atmosphere.

Gravity on the moon?

There is gravity on the moon but not enough to stay on the groung for long periods of time groung really8===D

Why doesnt the force of gravity pull the moon into earth?

because of the power of bacon

Is there enough gravity on the moon for people to breathe?

Breathing is not dependent on gravity or the lack thereof.