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after shocks don't occur in the same place due to ex tonic faults occuring in the ground

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Q: Why don't aftershocks occur in the same place?
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Why arent aftershocks in the same place as the earthquake?

Aftershocks don't occur in the same place since the pressure right there has alreadybeen relieved.

Why don't all the aftershocks occur in the same place?

because they only happen because they do

How do you keep people safe when earthquakes occur?

A strong earthquake may be followed by weaker, but still potentially dangerous earthquakes called aftershocks. Aftershocks may be potentially more dangerous than other earthquakes of the same intensity because some buildings may have been weakened during the main shock.

What is an earthquake after shock?

Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes that occur after a larger earthquake in the same area. They are a result of the earths crust near the fault rupture readjusting as a result of the main earthquake (also known as the "main shock").

What do you call the vibration which occurs after main earthquake?

The earthquakes after a major earthquake in the same area are called aftershocks.

How many aftershocks in 1960 chilean earthquake?

I am looking for the same question

Are aftershocks and earthquakes the same thing?

Not exactly, aftershocks are (as the name suggests) after the earthquake and their magnitude is only 1-2 on the scale (normally a lot less than the earthquake it self) :)

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Lightning does occur in different places, but many more times then 2!

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they dont normally they stay in the same place!?

What do you call the effects that occur when two waves of the same type are present at the same time and place?

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