Why don't car radiators rust?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

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Q: Why don't car radiators rust?
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Why is water used as a coolant in car radiators?

Water is used as coolant in car radiators because it has high specific heat capacity of 4200 Joules. It has the highest specific heat capacity than any other substance. That is why it is used as coolant in car radiators

Are the surfaces of car radiators dull or shiny?

Most car radiators are black as black radiates heat more efficiently than any other color.

What is a car radiator made of?

most car radiators are copper or aluminum and plastic.

Why is water used in car radiators?

Water isn't used in car radiators, radiator fluid is. that is used because it is a liquid of the right density to hold radiated heat from the radiator and pass it around the car where it is needed.

Do car rust more in Canada or Florida?

I dont think it matters but my guess would be Florida because of the humidity. But honestly i dont think it really matters.

Do car magnets cause rust?

Car magnets doesn't cause rust.

Where can you buy the best car radiator?

A good source for car radiators is Radiators Online, a wholesaler that provides a wide range of choice amongst different Car Manufacturers. You could also try visiting your local mechanic.

What metals dont rust?

the metals that dont rust are gold, stainless steel and silver

Why has my car got two radiators?

I suspect one will be an intercooler for the turbo

How do a radiators low fan switch for a Toyota celica 2lt work?

The radiators low fan switch turns on when the a car is standing still. Radiators cool off using the air around the vehicle. When a car is parked or at a light the fans turn on at intervals to keep the engine cool.

Is rust ok where food is served?

no because rust might get in your food and you dont want to eat rust

What is the particle size of rust?

dont no