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Because Linlgo whatever her name is, since the state is running out of money, she thought it would good to make schools have school off on Fridays and she thought it was a good idea, and guess what? IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA!

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As much as school is boring, I think that having Wednesday off would get in the way of tests, quizzes, and other plans. If students did have a day off, that would probably be Friday.

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Q: Why don't kids have Friday off of school?
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Why do people love Friday?

Most people love Friday because they are off work and school for the weekend.

What is Saturday school?

School that occurs on Saturday which is usually a day off. Traditionally school is Monday through Friday.

Why don't kids get a day off school on kids day?

we do is called the weekend

Why do you need id cards to get on the school bus?

So sex offenders dont get in contact with the students and so kids/teens dont get dropped off somewhere they're not suposed to be .I Hate It But Yeah Its For Our Safety .. (: Bye

How do other people celebrate Friday in other country besides in American?

Well most people have to work the whole weekend. But some people don't. Thay get off on Friday. For kides who have school thay get off on friday.

Cel phone allowed in school or not?

only if they are kept turned off until after school because most people dont want to listen when theyre texting or chatting with someone in school or on the phone. Because your kids might need them for after school emergancie's. :) but this is my opinion.

Is Good Friday a federal holiday?

I tHink so because school gets off.

Why do kids bunk off school?

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What is a pupil free day?

A puplil free day is when kids dont go to school, not because of a public holiday its is just made up by the school. The students get the day off and usually teachers host a meeting for work.

Do kids get off of school on Ash Wednesday?

I think yes

Why aren't schools closed on veterans day?

Sometime you have to go to school because veterns day is not like a special holiday like Christmas,Valentine day,Fathers Day, and Mothers Day

When a school put these dates 3.25.2013 - 4.1.2013 students have off does it mean they also have the 4.1.2013 off?

Yes, when a school puts 3.25.2013-4.1.2013 as the dates students have off then it means they have have 4.1.2013 off. Students would be required to return to school on Friday 4.2.2013.