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I am not a so smart but I am pretty sure it is because you are much much much much much smaller to even feel it.

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Q: Why don't you notice the gravitational pull of your body?
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How far from the earth is the gravitational pull of the earth the same as the gravitational pull of the moon?

i dont now

What properties of a celestial body affect its gravitational pull?

The mass of an object effects the gravitational pull. The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational pull.

Where is gravitational pull the greatest?

The gravitational pull of any celestial body, is the maximum on its poles.

Where is the greatest gravitational pull?

The gravitational pull of any celestial body, is the maximum on its poles.

What is the strength of the gravitational pull on your body?

The strength of the gravitational pull on your body is your weight.

Can a human have their own gravitational pull?

In fact,everything has a gravitational pull,even a paper clip,human bodies have a gravitational pull because when the earth orbits it sends flares of gravity witch can enter a human body and when it enters, you get a gravitational pull.if you dont believe everything has a gravitational pull then get a glass of water and put salt and sugar in it,take a copper penny and move it around the glass really fast for about 15 seconds,then let it go and it will start to float around the glass

Does height affect gravitational pull?

Height above the surface of a planet, moon etc is accompanied by a decrease in gravitational pull. But over something big, even the moon, the rate of decrease is so small that no matter how high you jump you will not notice any change, and for small objects like a space craft, gravity is so small you wouldn't even notice the gravity at all. Outside a body, the gravitational pull varies as the inverse square of the distance to its centre of mass. Provided it's not something weird like an infinitely long pole or something.

Why dont you notice the pull of gravity from small objects?

You don't notice the pull of gravity from small objects because the force of that pull is also very small.

Why can't we feel our own gravitational pull?

We feel our gravitational pull on the Earth every day.The Earth is the only object large enough and near enough that it can exert a force which we would notice.

How do Jupiter's moons affect its gravitational pull?

um i dont know

Which body has the greatest gravitational pull on Earth?


How would the planets move if the sun and planets did not have gravitational pull between them?

If there had never been gravitational pull then none of the would have formed. If the gravitational pull was suddenly switched off then each body would continue to move in a straight line at a constant speed.

How do mass and distance affect gravitaional pull?

Mass and distance dont effect gravitational pull. Its always 9.8 m/s.

When an astronaut is in space his or her body is acted upon by an increased gravitational force from the Earth True or False?

this answer is false because when you go into space you start to float. So the answer is false. You loose the gravitational pull not gain gravitational pull.

Why would your body weight change in the moon?

Different gravitational pull

How can you measure the gravitational pull on your body?

You weigh yourself. How much you "weigh" is the amount of gravitational pull the Earth has on you. It's also the amount of gravitational pull you have on the Earth. You can prove that by turning the scale upside down, and weighing the Earth on you.

What is the weight that registers when you step on a scale is the response of your body mass to the pull of?

The scale measures the amount of gravitational pull on your body from the earth, or what is known as weight.


The gravitational pull acting on an object towards the earth's center.

How do you make the gravity stronger?

increase the volume of the 'body' and you will increase the gravitational pull

What makes one celestial body orbit another?

gravitational pull; gravity

Does the sun have a gravitational pull?

Yes, It has a strong gravitational pull. Without the gravitational pull, none of the planets would orbit it.

If an apple has a mass of 1kg what is its weight?

well depends what planet you are on the basic formulae is as follows weight = mass X gravitational field (gravitational pull) on each planet so depending on what planet you wish to know ill put int the answer . Mercury gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Venus gravitational pull is 8.8 so its 8.8kg Earth gravitational pull is 9.8 so its 9.8kg Mars gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Jupiter gravitational pull is 23.2 so its 23.2kg Saturn gravitational pull is 9.0 so its 9kg Uranus gravitational pull is 8.7 so its 8.7kg Neptune gravitational pull is 11.1 so its 11.1kg Pluto gravitational pull is 0.6 600g

If the moon causes tides then why don't other thing rise up towards the moon?

The gravitational pull of the earth is stronger than the gravitational pull of the moon. This doesn't mean that the gravitational pull of the moon has no effect, it's just that the effect is very hard to notice, except on something like tides, because they involve literally all of the earth's oceans. The moon's gravity is affecting you and everything on earth right now; but the effects are so tiny they can't be noticed. It's only when you combine all of the moon's entire gravitational energy over the entire earth that you can notice its effect - with tides.

Does Pluto have a gravitational pull?

Yes Pluto definitely has gravitational pull. Anything with mass exerts gravitational pull. Even you are ever so slightly pulling upward on the Earth. Even subatomic particles have gravitational pull.

Why don't you notice your own gravitational pull on earth?

You do notice it if you are aware of the effects it is having on you. When it is an effort to walk up stairs or a hill, lift something heavy, fall over, your legs ache from standing a long time or your bottom hurts from sitting on a hard chair. These are only a few things which remind you that gravitational pull is ever present. The older you get, the more you notice it.