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Dropped objects hit the ground at the same time (as long as they're dropped from the same

height) because the acceleration of gravity is constant. On earth, it's 9.8 meters per second

(32.2 feet per second) every second.

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Q: Why dropped objects hit the ground at the same time?
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What happens if two objects are dropped at the same time?

They fall to the ground at the same time, regardless how much they weigh.

Why do dropped objects of different masses reach the ground at the same time in air?

Because of gravity, objects fall at 9.7m/s making them reach the ground at the same time. This does not apply to objects like paper or feathers due to the fluid friction in the air.

What happens when two objects with different masses are dropped under the same gravitational conditions?

They'll both hit the ground at the same time.

Why do 2 objects of different masses dropped from the same height hit the ground at the same time?

Most likely because they're the same weight. Objects can have completely different masses and have the same weight.

Is it possible for light objects to fall first than heavy objects?

All objects will reach the ground when dropped or when they fall at approximately the exact same time except for paper.

What will hit the ground first a pencil or penny?

There are many factors that can affect the time for these objects to drop. The height at which each object is dropped is a factor since the height is proportional to time. if the height at which these objects are dropped are the same, then the time for them to drop to the floor is the same. Since the acceleration due to gravity at sea level is 9.81 m/s^2 for all objects no matter the mass, both objects will accelerate at the same rate which means they will reach the floor at the same rate. All in all, both the pencil and the penny will hit the ground at the same time.

Objects with three very different sizes and weights are dropped off a tower on the moon. Which factor of the objects will determine which hits the ground first?

None of these matter. With no air resistance, they all hit the ground at the same time.

Do all objects fall to the Ground at the same rate?

They do if the only force acting on them is gravity. If there's any difference in the way two different objects fall, it's the effect of air resistance. If it were only up to gravity alone, then all objects would fall to the ground with the same acceleration. They would have the same speed after the same amount of time, and if they're dropped together, they would hit the ground at the same exact time.

What would happen if two objects fell at the same time with no air resistance?

If two objects on the same planet are dropped from the same place at the same time and there is no air resistance, they fall with the same acceleration, and they hit the ground at the same time with the same speed. Their size, mass, weight, temperature, color, political affiliation, race, creed, or sexual orientation make no difference.

Do heavy objects fall to the ground before light objects?

No, they fall at the same time.

Which will fall first in vacuum paper or stone?

Depends on which one is dropped first. If they are both dropped at the same time, they will both reach the ground at the same time.

How long does it it take an object of 4 kg to hit the ground considering another object with a mass of 2 kg took 3 seconds to hit the ground?

Assuming they were in a vacuum, if both objects were dropped from th esame height, then both take the same length of time to reach the ground. All masses fall with the same acceleration, reach the same speed in the same period of time, and hit the ground at the same time. Otherwise and if there is an atmosphere or if they are dropped from different heights, you have not presented information; shape and size are the most important factors.