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Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

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2009-11-18 00:52:47
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Q: Why engine stalls while driving and sometimes at stops?
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When a car stalls what happens?

The engine stops.

Engine runs good at start then warms up and stalls and it stalls at stops?

Check for vacuum leaks.

Why do my Car stalls went sitting still?

if you do have gas in the car then it could be the idle control valve. it stops the engine from stalling when the car is stationary

Why would your car start but when you go to drive stalls out?

the fuel shortage going and the magnito stops when not enough fuel or to much air goes into the engine.

Why Car shakes then stops sometimes while driving?

Carburator problems -- dirty gas -- water in gas

What causes a Toyota car engine stop running while driving?

when i am driving my toyato 2001 Eaco stops running, it will start back up

When driving my car stalls every once in a while but when I drve it longer or on the highway it stops moving and won't move again unless I let it rest?

I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

Our 1999 Buick Regal stops occasionally while we are driving it and sometimes will not start. We wait a while and it starts. Any idea what the problem is?

The distributor might be damaged on your 1999 Buick Regal if it stalls occasionally and will not start. This problem is common in older vehicles and once you sit for a few minutes, the vehicle will generally restart.Ê

Mazda mx6 stops driving once the car worms up the engian doesn't get hot nor stalls the tranny stops then you turn it off start it back up and it will drive again for a little while and then all again?

change you r catalytic converter its clogged

Having problem with car that sometimes idles hard or shakes and sometimes a faint whistle noise but only at stops not while driving?

sounds like you have a leaky intake manifold

What could be the problem with a 95 Monte Carlo that runs fine until it stops like at a redlight then stalls and dies?

The torque converter clutch may be staying engaged, causing it to kill the engine when stopping.

Your 1999 Buick Regal engine sometimes stops running while you are driving just for short times and sometimes will not start and if you wait a while it will start Any idea what the problem is?

Had a recent situation with similar symptoms. Turned out to be a faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor. P/N of replacement was 19179715. Hope this helps.

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