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Q: Why fog is observed more often in high places than in lowland?
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Fog is observed more often in high places than in lowland?

Because they are more blurd that's why ok

Does a highland region be placed at high elevations?

Yes, a highland region is typically placed at high elevations, often referred to as mountains or plateaus. These areas are characterized by cooler temperatures due to their altitude and often feature rugged terrain, making them distinct from lowland regions.

What is the habitat for an orangutan?

Lowland rainforest, about 1500 metres high up in the trees.

What is a forward observation post?

A forward position, often on high ground, from which enemy activity can be observed and, particularly, from which artillery or mortar fire can be directed.

Why is air pressure on a high mountain is less than on the lowland?

air pressure on the high mountain is because air flow is fast or velocity of air is more on the high mountain

Is Greece high land or low land?

There are lowland areas, mostly by the sea, but most of Greece is hilly or mountainous.

Where did the people of the Inca Empire live?

M, S, X Or coastal deserts lowland jungles high mountains

What is the terrain in Colombia?

Mostly flat coastal lowlands, central highlands, high Andes Mountains, eastern lowland plains.

When was In High Places created?

In High Places was created in 1960.

Does the planet Venus have high winds?

Yes, in the upper atmosphere high winds have been observed.

Why does the southeast have many swamps?

When the ocean rises each day at high tide, seawater flows into this lowland creating many swamps.

Do mountain lions live in the temperate forest?

Yes, they actually do live in a variety of habitats from high altitude mountains to lowland prairies to desert areas.