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Technique, strength and training regimes have become more specialised

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Why has the republican party become so hateful in recent years?

The republican party has become so hateful in recent years because it is not on power.

What has become an issue in the Amazon rain forest in recent years?


Why have state and local governments become more active in regulating illegal immigrants during recent years?

Why have state and local government become more active in regulating illegal immigrants during the recent years.

Are people indifferent to the manatees' plight?

Not exactly. People have become more aware of it in the recent years.

What changes occur in the brain during the teenage years?

Connections between neurons become stronger and faster during the teenage years.

Are people indifferent to the manatees plight?

Yes. In recent years, people have become more aware of the plight for manatees.

How popular is AOL mail compared to gmail?

Gmail tends to be the more popular of the two. In recent years, gmail has become more popular due to important features such as a better junkmail filter, ease of use, faster load time, and mail fowarding.

Why has the world become more independent in recent years?

Because of the 4 economic systems:market,command,mixed,and traditional economies

Has antibiotic resistance affected endocarditis?

Unfortunately, in recent years, the treatment of endocarditis has become more complicated as a result of antibiotic resistance

Fish and chips is the national dish of which country?

It used to be the national dish of England but in recent years curry has become more popular.

Are there different ethnic groups in Ireland?

The original inhabitants of Ireland were Celts but in recent years Ireland has become a multi-cultural society.

Why have weather predictions become more accurate and reliable in recent years?

Scientists havedeveloped better techology to observe weather conditions.

What is floppy connector?

A floppy connector is the interface used on motherboards to attach floppy drives. These have become increasingly scarce in recent years.

What is faster a mustang gt or Camero?

Depends on the years. In some years the Mustang was faster and some the Camaro was faster

Explain the evolution of operating system?

Operating systems have become more user-friendly and faster over the years. This helps users become more productivity when they are working.

Why could cities become more vulnerable to tornadoes as the cities grow?

As cities grow, they become bigger targets. There are more neighborhoods that tornadoes can hit. Tornadoes of recent years have struck neighborhoods that were open country 20 years ago.

Muslim neighbourhood in New York?

In recent years, the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge has become home to a very large Muslim community.

Is Techno Music Better Than House?

This depends on the individual. House music has become more popular than Techno in recent years.

How many Boy Scouts become eagle scouts each year?

In recent years about 50,000 scouts earned their Eagle each year.

Where did Irish Elk become extinct?

The most recent remains of the Irish Elk have been carbon dated to about 7,700 years ago in Siberia.

What religion is Vermont?

It's overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, although in recent years it has taken cues from Quebec and has become less religious. Being noted in a recent Pew study as being the least religious state in the Union.

What group of people has had higher rates of emigration in recent years?

Young men had higher rates of emigration in recent years.

What are the effects of humans on this earth?

Humans have had a negative effect on the Earth. We have polluted it and overused the resources. In recent years, we have become more aware of these things too.

Mormons gain popularity?

Mormonism has become much more well-known in recent years, but the public's opinion of Mormonism has largely stayed the same.

When did identity theft become a law?

Identity theft is not a law. States have updated larceny laws over recent years to prevent identity theft.

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