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Q: Why has lobbying been criticized in the past?
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What is the past participle of criticize?

The past participle of "criticize" is "criticized."

Has criticized is a past tense?

"Has criticized" is the present perfect tense.

What is the past tense form of criticizing?

Criticizing is the present participle of criticize. The past tense is criticized.

Has grassroots lobbying become a common practice in government over the past several decades?

Yes it has.

How can you use the word lobbying?

Lobbying the minister lobbying to a person

What has Electronic Arts been criticized for?

Electronic Arts were criticized about the extraordinary long hours that some of the employees worked, they have also been criticized for buying small development studios primarily for their intellectual property assets.

Why have health industries been spending more on lobbying in recent months?

Because they can

How much does Anglinia Joline weigh?

Angelina Jolie has been criticized many times in the past for her weight and how thin she has appeared to be. Angelina stands 1.73 m tall and she is said to weigh 52 kg.

What are criticisms of the trait theories psychoanalytic theories humanist and behaviorist theories?

Trait theories have been criticized for oversimplifying human behavior and ignoring situational influences. Psychoanalytic theories have been criticized for lacking empirical evidence and being too focused on unconscious processes. Humanist theories have been criticized for being too idealistic and ignoring the role of biology in behavior. Behaviorist theories have been criticized for underestimating the role of internal mental processes and emotions in shaping behavior.

What movie has avatar been criticized for being exactly like?

It has been compared to Dances With Wolves.

Can you use lobbying in a sentence?

The parents are lobbying to have the age of consent moved to 18.

Who said counteract lobbying you don't like with lobbying you prefer?

James Madison