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Q: Why have people tried to conquer space?
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What group tried to conquer Russia in the 1400?


What group tried to conquer Russia in the 1400' s?


Who tried to imperialize Ethiopia?

Italy tried to imperialize Ethiopia. When the Italian people tried to conquer it, they were defeated because the Ethiopians were prepared.

Did Archimedes conquer the Persian Empire then tried to conquer India?

Archimedes did not conquer anything. He was a scientist, not a general or a politician.

Who tried to conquer Italy?

nick percola

Who tried unsuccessfully to conquer Italy?

nick percola

What empire tried to conquer Greece and failed?

The Persian empire.

What countries did Hitler try to conquer in World War 2?

Russia. Hitler tried to conquer the whole entire world.

Did Hitler try to conquer Western Europe Eastern Europe and USSR?

Hitler tried to conquer everything. So yes.

What fatal mistake did napoleon make in 1812?

He tried to conquer Russia.

Who tried to conquer the Suez Canal?

The Egyptians

How is mathematics useful in the future?

to conquer outer space