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Why heat comes out vent when heater is off?

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The heat valve is stuck.

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Why is Hot heat coming out the floor vent when the heater is off?

Heat is coming from the engine.

2000 gmc jimmy has heat but you can not control what vent it comes out?

shut all vents off so it comes out on floor

What happens if the heat vent is off and you can't reach the bed at Shrink Ray island on Poptropica?

Then you can go back and turn on the heat vent :)

What would cause my 99 Grand Cherokee heater to stop switching heat vent location Turn on defrost nothing turn on floor nothing etc. blower is working fine just switching of venting direction?

If it's a Laredo, you probably have a vaccum line that has come off or broken. Vent switching is controlled by vaccum in these models. The main vent line comes off of the driver's side of the intake manifold. These are notorious for either slipping off or breaking.

Why is s60 Volvo heat always on?

What heat r u referring to, is it the seat heater. If it is, turn off the seat heater

How do you remove the centre heater vent from a vauxhall corsa?

i think you just take em off lisa.

Car heater blows cold air when not driving?

A car heater taps off engine heat. If you aren't driving, then the engine is cold and there's no heat for the car heater to use.

Does use of the heater decrease mileage?

When a car runs, it produces heat as a wasted product. This heat is then used to heat up air and blow it at you. This heat will be created even when the heater is off, so using the heater should not lower gas mileage.

Why does the heater only work when you are driving?

Because the heater pulls the heat off of the motor and uses fans to circulate it to you

What is a radiation heat?

Radiation heat is heat that comes directly off its source in a straight line. For example heat coming off the sun.

Why does your heater only blow through the defrost vent on your 1994 Ford F150?

Idk know but mine does it when i start off from a red light or stop sign and as soon as i let off the gas or it changes gears (automatic) it comes through the vents like normal.

What is that clicking noise coming from heater on chev truck?

if its the clicking I'm thinking of its the actuator for the vent door. try shutting off everything off in the heater/a/c system for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. that usually stops it for me.

Why does the heater stay on 1998 bravada the heater is in the off position but still blows?

MaybeYou may have it on "auto" not off check all switches off You may have a faulty selector switch. Also some vehicles always blow heat even with the heater off.

1997 Dodge Avenger doesn't heat very well Blower motor works and some heat comes out?

i had the same problem w/my 97 avenger its a clogged heater core if u take the hose off from the fiewall and use a hose to unclog the heater core u should be all set.also thermostat can be gone id do thermostat then heater core

What can cause a heater to stop blowing heat?

well you could just turn the heater off heater blower ---- If it is a car heater then check your coolant level. the heater is driven off a heat converter that is fed by the radiator system. When the coolant fails to pump round the radiator system the car internal heater doesn't work. Driving without coolant in the system will result in the engine overheating and seizing.

When my Jeeps heat is turned off for a few minutes then turned on it gives heat but then disepates to cold What is going on?

new heater

How hard is it and how do you fix a 1986 Ford Thunderbird heater core that is blowing steam even when the heat is off?

Replace the heater core. It is leaking.

Why does 2004 Subaru Outback climate control unit vent hot air into the cabin even when off?

I think the concept is similar to a more basic car's turn knob. The heater retains the last heat setting used, you're merely switching the fan off. My 2008 does the same.

How come your heater does not come on when you use the remote start for a Ford Fusion?

You probably have to leave the heat on when you turn off the car, so when you turn it on again it comes right on. Kind of like the radio.

Water comes in passenger side of car when running blower for heat what can cause this?

This is caused by a broken heater matrix. I have had this problem and its is a real pain to fix as you need to take most of you dashboard off to get to it.

Where is Valve Shut Off on gas water heat?

On any water heater, the shut off is on the incoming cold pipe.

Why would the heat in a Ford Econoline Van not switch from defrost to vent keeping in mind its not because the switch is broken as that was recently fixed?

The heater selection is controlled off of vacuum. wen mine did the same thing I had a broken vacuum line that was causing it not to switch.

Your car heater will run for a while than stop?

Please be more specific ... heater gives off heat, then cold air OR The heater fan runs for awhile then stops running

Do the portable air conditioners that vent out to window get very hot and give off heat?

Yes.The heat evaporates and also it has got a drip hole at the back.

How do I stop the heat vent in a 1969 VW Beetle?

Lower the right lever near the right seat on the transmission hump near the shifter to turn the heat off. Raise it to get heat. Left side is for defrost or foot air. I believe the '69 had a manual lever in the foot heat vent also if you wanted to turn the foot air completely off and still have the air for the defroster.