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Well I feel personally that it's not about the highest mark it's about the presentation and literature in the work and the effort that's put into it I hope that helps out your question

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Q: Why higher education should only be accessible to students with high marks?
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Why higher education should only be accessible to good high school students?

It shouldn't, but it is unfortunately.

Should higher education be available to students with higher marks only?


When should students students looking at higher education opportunities?

Twelve months before finishing high school

When should students start looking at higher education opportunities?

Twelve months before finishing high school

Why should higher education be made available for students with high marks?

Because the marks helps to know the attitude and behaviour of the student to the Management, so scoring a highest marks is the onlu one to get an higher education

Tell me procedure to get admission in mbbs in cuba?

you should remain in touch with higher education comission of Pakistan that provid fully free education in cuba for shining students only which is totaly free of coasts

Should all high school students attend college?

Ideally higher education should be available to all. It is not so the better answer is to provide advanced schooling to those who have both the ability and the desire to succeed.

Why should students stay in school?

Students should stay in school. because they will get an education an get a diploma so they can get an high paying job.

Why should students take remedial work for undergraduate students?

Most colleges and universities require incoming students to be placement tested for basic skills. This is to ensure students have the appropriate competency to be successful at the college level. So many students today enter higher education unprepared. Placement testing minimizes the risk of students either dropping out or failing out.

Why should higher education made available to students with high marks?

because the student has more potential at understanding greater concepts, therefore he or she should put this to use for the welfare of him/herself as well as others, and their country as well.

How soon should people interested in higher education start looking at schools?

People interested in higher education should start looking at schools at least 1-2 years before they plan to start their studies. This allows time to research schools, visit campuses, prepare application materials, and meet deadlines for admissions and financial aid. Starting the process early can also help in making informed decisions and selecting the best-fit school.

Is higher education for students with high marks only?

It helps.LOL. A "higher education" means the next step in your education process. If you are in grade school, a higher education means going on to High School. If you are in High School, a high education means going to college or a university. College students go on to Graduate School for a degree of some kind. And if you do not have high marks where you are now, moving on will be very, very hard.