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Q: Why humans cannot impact one of earths system without impacting others?
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How are humans impacting oceans?

We are impacting the ocean because some of our rubbish ends up in the sea

How are humans impacting temperate forest?

One way humans can impact temperate forests are by starting forest fires

How can humans survive without water?

We cannot survive without water for three day

What type of carbohydrate can only be digested by ruminants and not humans by?

cellulose which is present in grass can be digested by ruminants but cannot be digested by humans

Why is it that computer cannot solve problem by itself?

because computers cannot work without the help of humans..

Can you live without the ocean?

No, humans cannot live without establishing a harmonious connection with the ecosystems in the oceans.

What is a sentence using the word without?

Without a period, this sentence is incomplete or Humans cannot live without food or water.

Can humans be sinless?

No. Humans cannot be sinless while they are on earth. Those that are believers will be sinless when they get to Heaven. But No. A human cannot go more than a day without sin.

If people go without food what will happen?

humans cannot survive without food for more than a week

What happens if you dont have any oxygen in space?

Humans cannot live without oxygen.

How are humans impacting the tundra?

Humans take away from the habitat buy building homes. They kill some of the animals and sometimes cause fires to burn plants.

How can we you without any air transport?

Air Baloon may then be the option!