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Q: Why hydrogen is called inflammable air?
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What is the modern name for inflammable air?

It is called hydrogen

Which chemical element is also know as Inflammable Air?


What is the old name of hydrogen gas?

its old name is inflammable air

What is the contribution of Henry Cavendish?

Henry Cavendish was a British scientist born on October 10, 1731. He is credited with discovering hydrogen, which he called inflammable air.

What is contribution of Henry cavendish?

Henry Cavendish discovered Hydrogen also know as inflammable air and he determined the density of the Earth.

How do I explain the following quote with the concept of gas mixtures (Chapter 10 concepts) and the composition of common air (i.e. the air in the atmosphere) inflammable air is hydrogen?

The air content of free hydrogen is far too small for air to be flammable by itself.

What is inflammable air?


Can hydrogen be ignited with a spark?

In sufficient quantities, yes. It is highly inflammable.

Why the water is not inflammable as hydrogen and oxygen are highly inflammable?

I think you mean flammable, not inflammable. Because combustion is reaction of electronegative oxidizer such as oxygen and electropositive fuel such as hydrogen into a compound such as water. Water is not flammable because the combustion is complete.

Why is there a sound made when a flame is put in hydrogen?

it is is one of the property of hydrogen as it is highly inflammable gas ever known . it is also used in hydrogen bombs.

What are some precautions or dangers for hydrogen?

Hydrogen is highly inflammable. So it is used as a fuel. Also because hydrogen is colourless and odorless, it is hard to identify leaks.

What metal dissolves in sulfuric acid and forms a colorless inflammable gas?

Many (though not all) metals will dissolve in sulfuric acid. The colorless inflammable gas that is produced is hydrogen.