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If they were not then they would not be called identical twins!


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Identical twins do not have the same DNA; it is quite similar, but not exact. fraternal twins are no more similar than sibling likenesses.

Identical twins develop from a single egg that splits into two.Identical twins can be so similar that their parents cannot tell them apart.

Identical twins have identical genomes. This means several physical traits are expressed in a similar way. This is because they are genetically identical. This is why identical twins have the same eye color

No that's why theyre called fraternal twins. Identical twins are identical (share the exact same genes) while fraternal twins are as similar to each other as normal siblings are.

Identical and fraternal twins typically share many similar characteristics

Identicals are exactly the same non identicals are just regular twins that are not nessecarily similar.

They will probably look like brother and sister similar but with slight differences.

No. Identical twins are identical. Fraternal twins are not.

Twins don't always think alike, whether they be identical, fraternal, or even simese. It depends on there personalities, not their looks.

When you have an embryo with two similar parts, this means that there will be identical twins. They are formed when a single egg are split into two. Identical twins will always be the same sex.

No. They are unique to each twin.

Short answer: Yes. Two brothers from the same parents would have similar, but not identical DNA. Identical twins would have identical DNA.

In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

Conjoined, "Siamese", twins are by definition identical twins. Their fingerprints will be very similar but often not completely identical.

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical twins, also called fraternal twins, develop from two different fertilized eggs.

No they do not. Identical twins have identical DNA structure, and therefore they have very similar cell structure, leading them to have vastly similar organs (same size, health issues, etc.). However, everyone, even identical twins, do not share the exact same organs. Some identical twins get migraines, while the other doesn't. In some cases, one twin will be homosexual and the other heterosexual. In any case, by nature, identical twins do not have identical brains, and by nurture they experience different things, learn different things, and process information in different ways, resulting in the twins having differing opinions, etc. No two brains are exactly alike.

Twins are identical because they come from the same egg.

There is no word identical. There is the word identical, which means exactly equal and alike. Identical twins have the same genetic make up and are similar in appearance.

Yes, they are identical twins, monozygotic twins, born ten minutes apart. They share the same genome, they are identical genetically, they are identical twins.

No. I have to really good friends that are identical twins. One is the "good, straight A student" and the other is the "bad, get into trouble" character, but they do have a lot of similarities; they are both athletic and they have the same sense of humor. So, not IDENTICAL attitudes, but similar.

Identical twins are created when 1 eggs splits into 2. Conjoined twins are the result of identical twins not separating all the way.

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

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