Why ions are stable?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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because they form in compund where one atom loses electrons and other gains.

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Q: Why ions are stable?
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Why are ions not stable?

Ions are stable.

What ions are found in rust?

As rust is iron that is returning to a more stable state then most of the ions is iron

What is the symbols of the ions with 19 protons and 18 electrons?

Ar0 there is no ions formed because it is already stable.

What is the relationship between the stable ions and the noble gases?

Generally (but not always) stable ions will have the same the electronic configuration as that of noble gases (completely filled valence shells / orbitals)

Why does argon not form ions?

Atoms become ions by gaining or losing electrons to achieve a noble gas configuration of electrons, which is stable. Argon already has such a configuration and is very stable as it is. Any gain or loss of electrons would make it less stable.

What negative ions have a high electron affinity?

None, it has a stable structure

Why is ortho phosphoric acid used in titration?

Phosphoric acid is used in titraions involving Iron(III) ion. Ferric ions are not stable in aqueous medium. It forms a stable complex with phosphate ions.

Is the beryllium ion stable?

Nether. (It should make a cation, but it's too small.)

How many electrons of the most stable have in there outer energy level?

The most stable atoms/ions have 8 electrons in their outermost shell.

What is the charge on stable ion of neon?

Neon does not form any compounds or ions.

Why can ammonia molecule react with hydrogen ions but not hydrogen gas?

hydrogen gases are stable so they will react no further while hydrogen ions have no electrons so it will react with the ammonia molecule thus becoming g stable

Why are cuprous ions less stable than cupric ions?

due to its oxidation states or simply the explanation is in the ground and excited states of an atom