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Why is Amy winehouse on drugs?


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I think it might be because she is under pressure, as a lot of celebs are these days. My guess is that she is down a little because of the skeptical veiws on her that were in the mafs and turne to drugs as her aid. But this only made the mags have more of a skeptical veiw on her, so she turned to more drugs to make herself feel better. It's one big downwards spiral. Of course, her hubby Blake isn't helping. He's a junkie himself, therefore they get high together, and plus neither of them want to quite and it's hard to quit so they don't. They seem to enjoy it and I don't know what she sees in him...of course, that's just my opinion. I don't think for one moment all people would agree, but I know most people state this as a fact: BLAKE IS BAD FOR AMY.