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The English name, "Easter", and the German, "Ostern", derive from the name of Germanic Goddess of the Dawn (thus, of spring, as the dawn of the year) - called aster, astre, and ostre, in various dialects of Old English. In England, the annual festive time in her honor was in the "Month of Easter", equivalent to April.

The Venerable Bede, an 8th Century English Christian monk wrote in Latin:

"Eosturmonath, qui nunc paschalis mensis interpretatur, quondam a dea illorum quae Eostre vocabatur et cui in illo festa celebrabant nomen habuit."

Which means: "Eastermonth, which is now interpreted as the paschal month, was formerly named after the goddess Eostre, and has given its name to the festival."

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The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday.

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A Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, found it on Easter Sunday 1722.

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