Why is French spoken in Monaco?

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Monaco is a tiny country of just a few square kilometers. It is surrounded by France on every side except for a little stretch on Mediterranean Sea. Everywhere around it the language used is French and that small city was also a French-speaking one.

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Q: Why is French spoken in Monaco?
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How long has Monaco spoken French?

Monaco has spoken French for over 700 years.

What are the lanquages spoken in Monaco?

French, Italian and Monegasque are spoken in Monaco.

Is the language spoken in Monaco the same as the language spoken in England?

No. In Monaco they speak French, Italian or Monegasque. In England they speak English.

What three European countries where French is spoken?

In Europe, French is spoken in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium.

What languages are spoken in Monte Carlo Monaco?

French or Spanish

They speak french in the european country?

French in Europe is primarily spoken in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Which of the French speaking countries is the smallest?

By population Monaco is the smallest country with French as an official language.French is spoken in Andorra but it is not official.

2 countrys in Europe that speak french?

French is spoken as the sole national language in France and Monaco. French is also spoken in parts of Belgium and Switzerland. There is a small French speaking area in north-west Italy.

How many countries in europe speak french?

French is a commonly spoken language, but it is an official language in France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Are there any countries in Europe that speak french?

yes ____ France notably, but French is also spoken in Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland.

What is the tribes of Monaco?

The people are known as 'Monegasque'. - and have their own language, but the commonest languages spoken are French, Italian and English

How many people speak French in Monaco?

Since French is the official language of Monaco, nearly all of them, though about half the population has a different first language (mostly Monagasque or Italian, with a significant English-speaking population as well).

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