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French is the FIRST official language of the Olympic Games since its founder (Pierre de Coubertin) was French. English has been added as an official language later.

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How many languages are spoken in the Olympics?

There are three official languages of the Olympics: The two permanent languages of the Olympics are English and French and the third language is the language of the host country, or Mandarin Chinese in the 2008 Olympics.

Why was announcements made in french first?

Because French is the official language of the Olympics.

What is the third language spoken in the USA?


What is the third language on the crayola crayons?


What is the third most spoken language in Italy?


What is the official language of the Olympics?

French and English. The language(s) of the host country is also used, but for that time only.

Why has french always been the official language of the Olympics?

The president of the I.O.C and the creator of the international Olympic committe are both French

Why is French the official language of the Olympics?

Because it is the primary language of the IOC. It is part of the contract that the host city must sign in order to host the games.

Is Spanish more useful than French?

French is considered to be the second language the most widely spoken language in the world (After english) with 400 millions of speak as a second language + 115 millions of people who speak it as a mother tongue. French is the official language of the Olympics, of the UNESCO, of the ONU, etc. In the other hand, even if more people speaks spanish, this language is far behind the power of the french language. So the answer is : French obviously.

Which is world's third largest spoken language?

its french, that's why there are a lot of fracophone countries.

What is the third most spoken language in Canada?

English and French are the top two languages used in Canada, the third most frequently used spoken language is languages of Chinese decent.

What is the second language in Argentina?

English. Most Argentineans speak English as a second language and German, Portuguese and french as a third language if they go to a bilingual school

When do French students learn a third language?

It is standard that French pupils take a first foreign language at age 11 or so (in their first year of junior high school) and a second language two years later, in their third year of junior high school. Some schools offer the option to begin their third language at age 11 (like the 2nd language). English is by far the most taught foreign language. Then comes Spanish and then German.

What is the number one language spoken in North America?

English, with Spanish second, and French third.

Is sanskrit is easy to study?

no i think french is more easy 2 choose as your third language

French not the official language of French Polynesia?

The French language is the official language in French Polynesia.

What is the third special Olympics called?

para olympics

Was French ever an international language?

French is an official language within the United Nations, the International Olympics comittee, and many other international institutions. The term "lingua franca", meaning a language which could get you understood everywhere, literally means "French language" in Italian. Even if it is now overtaken by English, it is still used in many parts of the world.

What is the name of a baby duck in french?

Bebe canard is the name of a baby duck in French. Bebe means baby in French. French is the third most popular language after English and Spanish.

Why is french spoken at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

french is spoken at the modern olympics because the person that started them was french.

Why do they conduct the Olympics in English and French?

French is used for the Olympics because it was the idea of a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin, to re-established the Olympics games. French and English are the two official languages of the Olympics.

What is the third most spoken language in North America?

1. English 2.French 3.Spanish

Why are they speaking french first at the games opening?

Because the founder of the Modern Olympic Games was French, and the Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee is located in Switzerland. English is also an official language of the Olympics. When announcements are made at the Games, they are made in French, English, and the language of the host country.

What is the second most widely spoken language of Gabon?

After French, the second most widely spoken language in Gabon is Fang, spoken by about a third of the population.

When was the ninety-third ancient greek Olympics?

The ninety third Greek Olympics were held in 776 BC