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It's a way of reconciling what he did with the fact that he's a human being. It's easier to accept that he did such horrible things if we say "well, he's just some crazy monster, he's not like us."

The problem is that he was just like us. He was a human being. He had a particular ideology, and through various means, was able to inflict his ideology on the world, resulting in millions of dead people. He wasn't some alien or a monster. He was a man with some messed up ideas, and was able to convince a lot of people that those ideas were good.

We would be wise to remember that.

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Q: Why is Hitler considered a madman?
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How is Adolf Hitler viewed in todays world?

Today he is viewed as a madman.

What political cause led to the Holocaust?

Nothing, Hitler was a madman and that is what caused the Holocaust

Why do you think Hitler was a madman?

Why else would he be so cruel if he wasn't crazy? No one in their right minds would do the things he did.

What did churchill think of Hitler?

Winston Churchill knew Adolf Hitler was a madman and an evil dictator. He understood Hitler a lot better than most government leaders and kept warning others about how bad Adolf Hitler was in reality. He considered Hitler to be a gangster or street thug. He did eventually get Franklin Delano Roosevelt to fully understand the gravity of the situation with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. There are books available that Winston Churchill wrote if you are interested in his personal views about Hitler and the Nazis. See your local librarian for books written by Winston Churchill.

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What were some good things the Hitler did?

he did nothing good he was a total evil madmanThe good things he may have done were outweighed by the evil he did in the effort to create an Aryan nation.

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Was Hitler a madman?

That depends on who you're asking. Most would say he was a madman, due to the Holocaust, but before that Hitler revived the broken German economy and returned the country to dignity after its embarrasment with the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler's behavior was characteristic of a mental disorder. There is still much debate as to whether Hitler suffered from Huntington's Disease. Since he died prematurely if he in deed had Huntington's disease, then that would explain his irritability, burst of outrage, cruel methods, etc. His behavior was definitely not sane. It is hard to diagnose someone who has already passed on.

What is the value of a signed post card of Adolf Hitler?

They generally aren't worth much at all, because as one might well know, Hitler was an all-round madman. People generally aren't interested in the belongings of or depictions of men like that.

How did Hitler cause war?

Hitler caused war because he was mad. He wanted to disrupt the world so h caused war. when one of his men got caught they took suicidal pills so the enemy couldn't be torched for info. he was a madman