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Java is considered more secure than other languages for several reasons:

  • The Java compiler catches more compile-time errors; other languages (like C++) will compile programs that produce unpredictable results.
  • Java does not allocate direct pointers to memory. This makes it impossible to accidentally reference memory that belongs to other programs or the kernel.

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Java's security model is focused on protecting users from programs downloaded from sources across a network. Java programs run in Java Runtime Environment. Java Programs can't take any action outside those boundaries. For example, Programms are prohibited from many activities, including:

* Reading or writing to the local disk

* Making a network connection to any host, except the host from which the applet came

* Creating a new process

* Loading a new dynamic library and directly calling a native method

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Q: Why is Java more secure than other languages?
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Why is Java known as platform-neutral language How is it more secure than other languages?

Java is a platform-neutral language because java programs can run on more than one operating system with only one set of code. For example, if the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 were both platform neutral, one disk would play a game on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Java is more secure than other programming languages because of it's use of a virtual machine on the host computer. Essentially, when you run a Java program on your computer, it runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine.) This JVM translates the code from the java file you downloaded into native machine code specific for your computer. Therefore, the JVM can control all aspects of how the code is executed, and is able to block any security breaches before they even reach your computer. This is much more secure than running a program directly on your computer, although there is a slight performance drop due to the fact that the Virtual Machine must run along with the java program. Yes, java is secure

Why is Java known as platform neutral language and how is Java more secured than other language justify?

"Platform neutral" means that Java does not depend directly on the underlying operating system; the same binary Java classes will run on any platform that support the target version of Java that those classes use, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java has enhanced security opposed to a native binary (e.g. a program written in C++) in the sense that an additional layer of security is implemented in the Java VM that reduces promiscuous behavior (such as accessing the hard drive when running as an applet). Java is arguably not as secure as some other languages (such as Mono/.NET, which can be statically verified safe without executing the program), but it is generally more secure than non-VM-based languages because of the extra layer of security.

Why is Java more secure?

Java by default provides encapsulation of data which ensures that data is not accessible to all. Moreover Java supports encryption which makes it more secure.

How java is more secure then .net?

First you should ask yourself "is it really?". Both are fairly modern languages, both are under active development; I doubt any of them is technically much superior to the other, including security.

How is Java more secured than other languages?

because java is categorized into packages and packages contain classes which are not accessible directly.

What are robotics languages?

The popular programming languages which are generally used to write a robotic program may be developed in c, c++, java etc.., these languages are more flexible when compare to the other languages.

What is the advantage of java comparing with other programming languages?

Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, which basically means that you can do more with it than you can do with a language that is not object-oriented.

Explain the statement there is more to java than the language?

All programming languages are abstract things - collections of rules which dictate how symbols may form words, how words may form statements, and how statements may form programs. Programming languages need "other stuff" in order to actually be useful. For most languages this will include either a compiler or an interpreter which can turn source code into executable programs. Java's "other stuff" includes a compiler, which turns Java source code into Java byte code, and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which allows Java byte code to execute on your computer.

Which is good- c plus plus or java?

Basically both are good at their places, can't be interchanged. But Java is best if we compare both because Java is much more secure, robust and portable as compared to C++ as a Java program is first converted to byte code and then interpreted. Also C++ program is compiled all at once but Java program is interpreted one instruction at a time thus making it more secure .

What is java memory leak?

That means a memory leak in a program written in Java. A memory leak means that as the program runs, more and more memory is wasted - usually by being assigned and not de-assigned again. In Java this is not as usual as in other languages, since unused memory is normally reclaimed automatically by the garbage collector.

An object-oriented programming language?

Most modern programming languages have OOP capabilities, for example Java, C++ (but not the original C), C#, Visual FoxPro, and many more.Most modern programming languages have OOP capabilities, for example Java, C++ (but not the original C), C#, Visual FoxPro, and many more.Most modern programming languages have OOP capabilities, for example Java, C++ (but not the original C), C#, Visual FoxPro, and many more.Most modern programming languages have OOP capabilities, for example Java, C++ (but not the original C), C#, Visual FoxPro, and many more.

Which computer programming languages are the standard?

The older languages are still the standards by which modern programming languages are measured. Fortran, COBOL, Lisp, and C/C++ are all used as baselines to evaluate newer languages. Of course, the "new kids" are being used as standards more and more often. Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, and other more modern languages are being used to measure how "good" a new language is.

What are the major differences between Java and other popular programming languages?

There are many differences between Java and other programs, as there are also similarities: - managed code: java does not produce native code, but some byte code that will make it runnable in something called "virtual machine". The best thing about that: compile on windows and deploy that application on UNIX. - full object oriented -- even more than C++ where global variables are possible. Here, in java, everything must take place in an object - works on many operating systems. - a lot of technologies grouped in J2EE, that covers many the aspects of enterprise programming - servlets, jsp, ejb, jdbc to access the database, etc. The list is huge, I don't want to get in too much detail about that.I guess it features some of the most mature technologies on the market.Answer to: which programming language is more robust C sharp or Java?While I generally prefer "C" as a more robust language, I also consider anything that is released by Microsoft to be unreliable and likely to fail. Java is the product of Sun Microsystems, and has a very good reputation. While I'm not a Java programmer, I have heard nothing but good reports about Java. Answer to: why is Java more secure than other languagesJava is considered more secure than other languages for several reasons: The Java compiler catches more compile-time errors; other languages (like C++) will compile programs that produce unpredictable results.Java does not allocate direct pointers to memory. This makes it impossible to accidentally reference memory that belongs to other programs or the kernel.... (can't think of anything else off the top of my head)Answer to: what is the difference between .net javaThe Major Difference between .Net and Java is 1)Java is a purely Platform independent means the application that will work in any kind of Operating System.But .Net is platform independt software.2).Net support to develop application in different languages and to develop application Rapidly. This feature is not exist in JavaAnswer to why is Java more popular than CA long time ago, many people believed Java was slower than C because Java had to run through a virtual machine. Today however, Time and speed aren't really affected by the programming language or the used technology as much as affected by memory cards capacity and processors speed (Clock rate). Hench programmers and developers started looking for the most powerful yet easy to 'learn and work with' programming language. And there came Java with the multi-platform support, Object oriented methodology and other great capabilities and features. On the other hand, General Purpose applications are still developed using C++ because it doesn't need any intermediate software to run.and i think that java it's been improved everyday by the newest releases of the implementation of the virtual machine.

Why is java known as platform neutral language how is java more secured than other languages?

Java is known as a platform neutral language because it does not run like regular compiled application. Rather than compile to a native binary, Java instead compiles to a what is known as bit-code. The bit-code is then interpreted by a native (platform specific) application..............

How many programming languages are based on C?

C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript, LPC, C# is the most popular languages based on C, but there is probably more languages.

What are 2 program languages?

c+, c++, C#, LUA, JAVA, Python, VB, and many more

What is certification and the importance of certifiction of javascript?

Java Script alone has no value. It has to be used in association with various server side technologies and other languages. There are certifications available on java script but it would be more prudent to get certified in industry recognized certifications primarily on server side technologies.

What are three difference between visual basic python and java programming languages?

These are two different languages for coding. The visual basic is a more simple language that is easier to use for beginners.

Which is more secure java or .net?

Security depends how do you implement your code actually, so question like this which is more secure is meaning less. Both have strict security both are same stranded for security.

How does Java Script enhances webpages?

Java Script allows client side modifications. In simple terms the websites which let you change the look and feel, drag & drop items, have good animations, image sliders, slideshows are more or less being done using java script. Ofcourse other languages and technologies are used but java script is the most commonly used in those scenarios.

Role of a computer programmer?

Computer Programmers program, or "code", whole or parts of computer applications that are run by computer users. They write this program in certain code called programming languages. These languages include C#, C++, JAVA, Java Script and a lot more.

What is the assembler of java c plus plus c and

There is no such thing. An "assembler" is a program that converts assembly language code, into machine language. Other programming languages have a "compiler", which is more or less equivalent.

How many programming languages does the average computer scientist know?

the average computer scientist knows about 5 to 10 or even more but this is the average which are c/c++, java, c#, sql for database, matlab sometimes _but more by engineers_, php, javascript and some other programming languages

Which language is secure among php and

Both are server side languages and both are more or less secure. End User can only see the output of both, not the actual code

Describe three advantages of Java programming language?

Java has many more than 3 characteristics, which can be labelled "advantages"; of course, most of the following are shared by several other languages.Java is object oriented (I wouldn't want to program on any language that doesn't!)Java runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, etc. - some languages work only for Windows, for example).Java has native support for Unicode - this is the standard for strings. (This makes it easy to use Java with different languages, including languages that don't use the Latin alphabet.)Java has built-in support for multithreading. This makes it possible to run several things at once.The designers of Java have put a lot of effort into detecting many error situations during compilation. That will increase the quality (stability) of the finished product.Java is free.There is a huge collection of components already written in Java, for different aspects. This means that in many cases, you don't have to design everything from scratch.