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Why is Kentucky called the Bluegrass State?


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June 20, 2014 10:18PM

Some of Kentucky's grass has a blue tint to it. Not all grass in Kentucky is bluegrass. Bluegrass grows heavily in the central part of the state, and becomes more sparse in the further areas. When you're in an area where all the grass is bluegrass, you can't tell that it's bluegrass, because it really is green. But - in parts of the state where the bluegrass is more sparse, you can look out over a grass-covered area and notice that certain patches have a blue-ish tint. Then can you really tell the difference in bluegrass and green grass.
The US State of Kentucky has the nickname of the "Blue grass" State because of the preponderance of a certain type of grass that can be found in large areas of the State. This grass is classified by botanists as Poa grass. It is normally colored green, however, in the Spring it produces a blue colored bud. Thus the name of Bluegrass.