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Either your LCD screen has got a major hardware problem or it is the problem with your display adapter. Check the display cable for any internal breaks(sometimes that may be the problem). Try Reinstalling your display drivers. If your dont know what to do. Call your LCD vendor for support.

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Q: Why is LCD Screen green and fuzzy?
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Why is your lg LCD screen fuzzy?

bad hdmi or rca jack connections

What is causing your flat screen LCD monitor go shake with fuzzy lines?

I usually go shake and see fuzzy lines when I shoot up with some bad Heroin. Maybe your flat screen monitor is a drug addict like me?

Can a LCD screen connects to camera directly?

If the LCD screen has an USB port, then yes, it can.

How do you know the manufacturer of lcd screen of my laptop?

To find out LCD screen model number you need to take the screen out of the laptop and check the back of the LCD screen The Model number with have letters that correspond to the manufacturer.

How do you make a full screen on my lcd tv?

fix my lcd tv to show a full screen

What is screen appearance in computer?

lcd screen

What is an lcd panel and how is it used?

An LCD panel is actually a LCD screen that is part of your computer monitor or LCD Television. There are different types of screens such as plasma as well, but to answer your question, an LCD panel is the LCD screen on your monitor or television (provided it is an LCD model).

How can you tell if a remote control is LCD?

LCD means liquid crystal display. Unless your remote has some kind of screen on it, it does not have an LCD. Tip--laptop computer screen is an LCD.

Can you take the lcd screen from broken tv and replace with one that has broken screen?

Yes easily if it is the same type of LCD screen.

Can cracked lcd tv screen be repaired?

i think so just google lcd screen repair

Are lcd televisions better than flat screen tv's?

Lcd tvs are comparable to flat screen tv's. Most flat screen tv's Have LCD screens. Lcd screens are better for the eyes and are very good quality therefore an lcd tv is a good buy

How can you fix your Nintendo 64 when you turn it on and the screen goes all fuzzy?

Take a washcloth and wash the very bottom so the piece of the fuzzy screen will disappear and keep doing it until all of the pieces of the fuzzy screen will disappear when you turn it on.

Is the iMac screen LCD?

No, the screen is a LED display.

What is the LCD of a calculator?

The screen

Is iPhone 4 lcd capacitive touch?

Yes, iPhone 4 lcd comes with capacitive touch screen, but the LCD and touch screen is separate not together.

What is safer a projector or LCD screen?

Projector because if you put a magnet close to the lcd screen it could explode!

What is a LCD Inverter board for?

it is for lighting a LCD screen like a backlight

What is the avg lifespan of an individual LCD Screen?

It will depend on several things like material being played, brightness and quality of the particular LCD screen. The average life of a typical LCD screen is about 100,000 hours.

On a Nikon D60 how do I turn on the LCD screen to switch back and form from using the viewfinder and the LCD screen to take photos?

You use the viewfinder while taking photos and the lcd screen to view the photos after you take them.

What screen is better an lcd or plasma screen?

LCD are usually better and plasma screens use more energy and are bigger.

Does the nook color have an LCD screen?

i was just looking for the same thing and i went and read up and yes it does have the LCD screen

How much are LCD screen protectors for digital cameras?

LCD screen protectors range from $5.99 - $19.99 for typical models.

What is the price of hp g42 LCD screen?

Hp G42 LCD screen cost in chennai,any one told ?

Is the familiar green fuzzy moss is?

This familiar green, fuzzy moss is the gametophyte generation of the plant. In other words, it is the gametophyte.

Can you replace LCD laptop screen with LED screen?