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Why is MS Excel is called Excel?

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MS-Excel is a powerful worksheet & you calculate , syncronize many hard calculation, so MS-Excel is called Excel.

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The cursor is called a cursor in MS Excel.

"Microsoft Excel" or simply "Excel".

MS Excel does not have a slide show, but MS PowerPoint does.

MS excel is a part of MS Office suite. You can create spreadsheet with the help of MS excel.

is a file crated in ms excel is called work book.

what are the major difference between MS-Excel 2000 and MS-Excel 2007?

16,777,216 in versions up to MS Excel 2003. From MS Excel 2007 onwards is 17,179,869,184.

In MS Excel, each page is called a worksheet.

The group of cell to farm a rectangular in ms excel is called list

MS Excel is under Microsoft Office

MS Excel does not have a slide layout, but MS PowerPoint does.

Ms-word is for word processing. Ms-Excel is for numbers - budgets, mileage and etc.

part and its function of ms excel

Program - MS Office - MS Excel

There is no ruler bar in MS Excel. That is an MS Word function.

ms excel is used to create spreadsheets.

MS Excel has no other name. It is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is part of a suite of products called Microsoft Office. MS stands for Micro Soft. Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows you to enter and calculate information for reports.

MS Project is a project management application and MS Excel is a spreadsheet application.

there is no one who actually created ms excel.................... microsoft excel is a software developed by microsoft.

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that creates files called workbooks.

MS stands for Microsoft so ms word and ms excel are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel respectively. We can create documents in windows operating system with usually MS Word used to create word documents and MS excel for creating spreadsheet for calculation etc.

Field is a database term that means a data entry. In Excel, the equivalent would be called a cell.

simililarities between ms word and ms excel screen feature

MS Excel is a spreadsheet; MS Paint is a basic graphics editing program.

There is no PowerPoint control center in Excel. MS PowerPoint is a presentation application. MS Excel is a spreadsheet.

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