Why is Marley and Me so sad?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Do you mean Marley and Me?

If so, the star of the show dies.

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Q: Why is Marley and Me so sad?
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Do you see Marley die at the end of Marley and Me movie?

yes he is euthanized. tear jerker === === that was so sad and iam a guy it was really sad but good movie though its really simple. Yes, you see Marley's entire euthanization, right up to where his eye slowly closes. You then see the Grogan family bury Marley.

Is Marley and Me sad?

Yes, it is very sad; especially at the end. And they're coming out with a second! How could they? He died at the end! You can't make a second Marley and Me if Marley died at the end of the first!

Is Marley and me sad film?

Yes Marley and me is a sad film everyone was crying when i saw itthe book too is also very sad but it is a great film and a great book

Is Marley and me goood?

Yeah, I think so, but it ends sad. I did not see that coming. I Watched it. && I cried :(

How long did Bob Marley live for?

he was 36 when he died... sad sad sad.. i love B.M.

What kind of dog is Marley?

He had to be put to sleep because of intestinal twisting.

Is Marley in the book Marley and Me famous and real?

Yes, Marley is a real dog in the book "Marley and Me." The book is a memoir written by John Grogan about his experiences with Marley, a lovable but mischievous Labrador Retriever. Their story became famous after the book was published.

Did Marley really die during the filming of Marley and me?

yeah really sad! if u read the book it will show u:(

What was your opinion of the movie and especially the ending of Marley and Me?

My opinion of Marley and me is that it's a great movie. Except the ending is pretty sad because Marley dies. ---------- "It was so sad I cried so bad poor baby I knew that it was just a movie but i felt so real he was a poor inicent dog. There are no words for feelings you could say happy you could say your happy or sad but with feelings it comes from the heart. Marley and me really touched my heart all I felt with that movie was like the pleasure that Marley was happy it made me feel happy it carried on like that till the end when he had to be put to sleep im crying now as i type this but when john ( marleys dad "human" ) said his last words it was like so honourbale and sweet and sad those words are just plain I cant tell you how I feel its jumbled up inside my heart like there has to be a better word but there isn't. The End ruined it for me but it was sweet when the kids had there last words it was... sad I just watched Marley and me and i just wanted to share with you my feelings you can edit this i just wanted to let this out. Thanks."

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Did Marley die in real life in 'Marley and Me'?

Answer: no but i did cry.Marley from Marley and me did not die it was a movie so it did not really happened.