Why is New Orleans called the Big Easy?

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This is an euphemism for New Orleans, like the "Crescent City," that is attributed to Betty Guillaud, a gossip columnist for the Times Picayune, in the '70s as a term of endearment and an answer to the then I Love New York City hype. If it's the "Big Apple" then New Orleans is the "Big Easy," where everything is slower, simpler and easy-going.
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Why is English Turn in New Orleans called that?

The English Turn was the result of Détour des Anglais telling the English that there was a very well settled French colony along the river, so the English believed him and turned around never again to return. Which is why it is called the English Turn. Answer So named because in this bend, 169 ( Full Answer )

How did Mardi Gras become such a big celebration in New Orleans?

The origins of Mardi Gras can be traced to Medival Europe but the traditions celebrated today are traced to New Orleans.. A French-Canadian explorer, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville, landed 60 miles directly south of New Orleans in 1699 and called it "Pointe due Mardi Gras." He also estab ( Full Answer )

Where is New Orleans?

It is in southeastern Louisiana, just upstream from the Mississippi River delta. The city is in Orleans Parish (county), which is a coterminous division of the state. It began as a dry silt-formed portage between the Mississippi River and brackish Lake Pontchatrain to the north, which empties mor ( Full Answer )

Who is the coach of the New Orleans hornets?

The Hornets currently have Monty Williams. Byron Scott. This (2007-08) is his third season as head coach of the Hornets. Byron Scott was fired early in the 2009-10 season, he was replaced by Jeff Bower.

Is university of New Orleans good?

Yes, the University of New Orleans is a good school. This schoolwas founded in 1958 and is a medium sized college.

What should you do while in New Orleans?

In no specifc order: Eat the great food- Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House, Drago's charlbroiled oysters, and beignets from Cafe Du Monde; ride the St. Charles street car; go to a local musical performance @ Tipitina's. If you need more suggestions, message me.

What is the New Orleans sweet roll called?

You may be thinking of the Beignet (pronounced "ben-YAY"), the square shaped fried dough similar to a donut that is topped with a deep layer of powdered sugar. Or... The answer you are looking for may be the "King Cake". Louisiana style King Cake is a cinnamon-roll like cake inside with sugary i ( Full Answer )

What is the current population of New Orleans?

Before Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, the population of New Orleans was approximately 485,000. After the Hurricane, the area saw a significant decrease in size...to merely a few thousand residents. In the years since, the city has been rebuilding and current estimates are calling for approximately 2 ( Full Answer )

What happened in the fall of New Orleans?

New Orleans, a prime target of the Union for its ports, wascaptured without taking the fight to the city itself. Attacks onPorts Jackson and St. Phillip, allowed General Farragut to takecontrol of the City of New Orleans.

Why was New Orleans called New Orleans?

New Orleans was founded May 7, 1718 by the French MississippiCompany, on land inhabited by the Chitimacha. It was named for theDuke of Orleans, whose title came from the French city of Orleans.

What else are the New Orleans Saints called?

They are called "Bless You Boys" by some, but called the "black and gold" by many. "Bless You Boys" is more of what people in New Orleans tell them for giving great efforts in the game win or lose.

What is the play party dance for Great Big House in New Orleans?

Great Big House - game/dance variation Single circle formation. Assign ones and twos. (Sometimes I do this by girl/boy if #s are even) 1. With a strutting step, the circle moves ina clockwise direction. At the phrase, turn around and go back. 2. On "went down" ones take 2 steps toward the center a ( Full Answer )

Why were the New Orleans Saints called the Aints in the 1980s?

In 1980, the Saints lost their first 14 games, prompting local sportscaster Bernard "Buddy D" Diliberto to advise Saints supporters to wear paper bags over their heads at the team's home games; many bags rendered the club's name as the "'Aints" rather than the "Saints."

Who created the New Orleans Saints?

No one per se created the New Orleans Saints. They were brought up in a deal with Senator Russell Long, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, and Congressman Hale Boggs. On November 1, 1966 the Commissioner announced to the city of New Orleans that they had been awarded a team.

Which states border New Orleans?

There are three states that border the state of Louisiana where New Orleans is located they are: Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

How far is New Orleans from Louisiana?

New Orleans isn't far from Louisiana at all considering it's a city within that very state. It is New Orleans, Louisiana.

How do you spell go in New Orleans?

The faux-French homophone geaux is used in the Cajun regions by fans of local sports teams such as the LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave and New Orleans Saints. This follows the French spellings -aux and -eaux that are pronounced "oh."

Who plays on the New Orleans Saints?

Stanley Arnoux -57 Adrian Arrington -87 Drew Brees -9 Reggie Bush -25 Jonathan Casillas -52 Marques Colston -12 Chase Daniel -10 Tim Duckworth Jo-Lonn Dunbar -56 Sedrick Ellis -98 Heath Evans -44 Troy Evans -54 Greg Fassitt Randall Gay -20 Na'Shan Goddard Jonathan Goodw ( Full Answer )

Is there new news on Orleans homebuilder?

I bought a townhome from Realen builders in 1997. Orleans Builders purchased Realen and all the legal law suits. In 2008, I found out that the braces that are on the joists and support the floors and ceiling were never installed in my home. I have a first floor unit and a family lives upstairs. The ( Full Answer )

Why are the New Orleans Saints called the Who Dats?

It is because of the chant the fans came up with for them. It goes "Who Dat?! Who Dat?! Who Dat say dey gon' beat dem Saints?!". So, naturally people just sometimes call the Saints the "Who Dats" as a nickname. The fans are in turn called "Who Dat Nation" instead of just being called Saints fans all ( Full Answer )

Can you drive from New Orleans to Brazil?

No, there are no roads connecting Panama and Colombia. The border area between the two countries is called the Darien Gap, and it is a dense jungle area.

New Orleans is city of Jazz?

Yes. New Orleans is where Jazz was invented and is the city that made it popular to the world.

What did the New Orleans people eat?

people, according to my geography teacher at school- the people ate the rats that came with death- they did this also when hurricane Pauline struck south, west of Huatulco

Miles from New Orleans to Florida?

You didn't mention a specific destination in Florida, so for this question I picked Pensacola. About 187 miles by air, or 199 by road.

Why is new Orleans so violent?

new Orleans is so violent because its population is based upon black people no race cause i am black and when you talk mess you get popped or beat up cause new Orleans they don't play that dumb mess you talk mess you get popped hope that answered your question.

How far is New Orleans from Shreveport?

The driving distance fromShreveport, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana is 328 miles viaI-49 S per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 5 hours and 3minutes.

Why did they call it New Orleans?

La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was named after Phillipe d'Orleans, the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France. Sold to the Spanish in 1763, given back to the French in 1801. Sold to the United States in the Louisiana purchase, 1803.

What does New Orleans have in it?

In new Orleans you can get great stuff there's the French Quarter which is awesome by the way you can get great tasting food and many other things

What do they have in New orlean?

unique aspects of the city of new orleans that many tourists enjoy include (but are not limeted to the cajun food the french food the creole food the drinking the drunkenness the southern hospitality the architecture bourbon street the french quarter the bars the strip clubs ( Full Answer )

What's an easy way to make new friends in a big city?

There are many ways to make friends in a big city. One way is to start a program for everyone to see and put a program that you can socialize with other people. Another way is maybe go to the park or other places people would spend time alone or with others.

Why are the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans?

It's a long story, but a professional football team in New Orleans was the dream of a local businessman named Dave Dixon. It came true in 1967, when the National Football League awarded a franchise to the Crescent City. Dixon also came up with the concept for the Louisiana Superdome, which is where ( Full Answer )

Why is New Orleans nicknames the Big Easy?

There is no definitive 'smoking gun' as to how New Orleans got the name 'The Big Easy', but it appears to have originated in the 1920s or possibly earlier. The most common theories relate to New Orleans being a relatively laid-back and lax city, with low prices, plentiful work opportunities, and rel ( Full Answer )

Why is the New Orleans stadium called the Louisiana Superdome?

The somewhat hyperbolic name was used to set off the stadium fromother covered stadiums such as the Astrodome. It was also designedfor professional football in the early years of the Super Bowlchampionship game, which it has hosted more times than any otherlocation. Beginning in 2011, the branding o ( Full Answer )