Why is Panama named Panama?

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Panama means abundance in the local Indian dialect, in the beginning related with the abundance of water and fish in the region.
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What was the name of the army post in panama?

Answer . There were several. In the last 20 years of the United States' military presence in Panama they were: Fort Clayton, Fort Davis, Fort Sherman, Fort Amador, Fort Gu

What is Panama?

Panama is a country in Central America above Colombia and belowCosta Rica. The United States built a canal there.

A name of a hotel in panama?

i have been to panama for holidays and there are plenty of good hotels there.Panama beach resorts and beach hotels are really famous in visitors. I had been to Trump Ocean Clu

What can you do in Panama?

Given the recent influx of tourism and improved infrastructure anddevelopment to the city, it's more like "what can't you doin Panama." Some people even choose to retire he

How did panama gets its name?

Panama was named by its discoverer Christopher Columbus. The name Panama is an Indian word meaning abundance of fish.

Where is Panama at?

panama is a bit south of mexico; or you might be asking about panama in ol' OKlahoma its north of broken bow.

Where is panama in?

Panama is a country in Central America. It is between Costa Rica of Central America. and Columbia of South America.