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Pluto is not referred to as Planet X. Planet X is a term used for an unknown theoretical planet at the edge of the solar system.

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Pluto is referred to as dwarf planet.

Percival Lowell calculated Planet X's approximate location before his death in 1916. Today, Planet X is referred to as "Pluto".

Nobody 'killed' it ! Pluto was de-classified as a planet and is no longer referred to as such.

Planet x is located as Pluto but Pluto has gotten demoted.

"Planet X" was originally a term for a hypothetical TENTH planet, BEYOND Pluto. Also, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

yes there is a planet beyoned Pluto it is called the planet x

No. "Planet X" is a temporary, basically meaningless, designation for a planet, given until the planet can be assigned a proper name. It does not refer to any specific planet. For a while, Pluto was referred to as 'Planet X.' However, the title may be given to any type of planet.

out of all the known planets Pluto is the smallest Pluto, because of it's very small size and mass, is no longer considered a planet. It is now referred to as a "dwarf-planet".

though it is not a planet anymore no planet X is.

planet x is unknown but is farther than Pluto

Planet x is the planet behind Pluto which is commonly reffered to as Selena but is not yet a planet(or clarified planet).

No. Pluto is still called Pluto and is no longer considered a planet. Planet X was a planet once believed to orbit beyond Neptune based on the orbit of Uranus deviating from the expected values. When Pluto was first discovered it was believed to be Planet X, but it was later found that Pluto is not massive enough to account for the discrepancy in Uranus' orbit. The Planet X hypothesis was dismissed when we found we had made a small error in calculating the mass of Neptune, which accounted for the deviation in the orbit of Uranus.

Planet X is a theoretical 9th Planet in our solar system that has not been proven to exist.

all i know that planet x is past Pluto

Pluto DOES belong to the Solar system . . . . it is just not referred to as a planet, anymore, but is called a planetesimal.

Pluto or that planet X found a few years ago

The dwarf planet Pluto.The dwarf planet Pluto.The dwarf planet Pluto.The dwarf planet Pluto.

Generally, Planet X is an undiscovered planet in our solar system. Pluto was "Planet X" until it's discovery in 1930. Scientists postulate the existence of a Planet X by noting irregularities in the orbits of other planets. Now, Pluto and anything past it discovered so far are known as dwarf planets. There maybe another planet somewhere past Pluto, but I believe Planet X now refers to extra-solar planets.

They wanted a Roman or Greek God Name for the new "Planet". PL honored the astronomer who discovered that Pluto should exist.

no Pluto is not a planet

Pluto is NOT a planet it is a dwarf planet

A planet after the dwarf planet Pluto It Is A Name For A Unnamed And Unconfirmed Planet See related question for Nibiru

Yes and no. "Planet X" is a designation given temporarily to any new planet with no name. It does not refer to a specific planet, and once a planet is given a name, 'Planet X' is discarded as a title. Several planets, including Pluto, have been referred to as "Planet X."Supporters of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is NASA's method of keeping "Nibiru," a mythical, large planet-like object, secret, as part of a cover up. There is no scientific foundation for this "theory."

no Pluto the dog was not named after the planet Pluto.

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