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Prince Charles is heir to the throne (Prince Charles is the Queen's Eldest Son), Prince William is heir to Prince Charles (Prince William is Prince Charles' Eldest).

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Q: Why is Prince William heir to throne?
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Is Prince William heir to the throne?

No, his Father Prince Charles is Heir to the Throne, and William is Charles' Heir, when Queen Elizabeth II dies Prince William will become Heir to the Throne or is Prince Charles dies before his Mother Queen Elizabeth II William will become Heir.

Who is heir to throne if Prince Charles is not alive?

Prince William

Will William and Kate's child be the heir to the throne?

Yes, their firstborn will be third in line to take the throne. Prince Charles is heir to the throne, and William is Charles' heir.

Who will be heir to the throne after William?

William's child is third in line to the throne after Prince Charles and William.

How did Prince William come prince?

Because he was born from the heir to the throne

Which heir to the throne in great Britain was married in April?

Prince William

Is Prince Charles an heir?

What is the right way to say is Prince Charles an heir to the throne or a heir to the throne

Who is the queen's heir apparent?

Prince Charles in next in line to throne. Then it will be Prince William, and then it will be Prince George.

Who is present prince of England?

Prince William III No , Charles is still Prince of Wales, and heir to the throne.

Why was there no direct heir to the throne?

There is a direct heir to the throne Prince Charles the Prince of Wales.

Heir to british throne?

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II's son. Then it is Prince William.

Who is the heir the British throne after Prince William?

His son, Prince George. After George is William's daughter, Princess Charlotte, and after HER is William's uncle, Prince Harry.

Who are heirs to the throne after Prince Charles?

Prince William, I think? Then if William has a child, they would be the heir. I am pretty sure but not certain :P

Who is heir to the throne in the UK?

The heir to the throne in the UK is Charles The Prince of Wales.

What if charles dies before the queen?

His son, Prince William, will become the Prince of Wales and the heir to the throne of England.

Who is heir to the throne of Britain?

His Highness The Prince Charles is the heir apparent to the British throne.

Which heir to the throne in Great Britain was Married in April and to who?

Prince William - married Kate Middleton.

How do you Use heir in a fourth grade sentence?

The prince was the heir to the throne.

Who will be the next queen of the United Kingdom?

When the present queen dies, her eldest son, Prince Charles, is heir to the throne and when he dies his eldest son Prince William will become heir to the throne and his wife Catherine would become queen.

How is Prince William heir presumptive?

Prince William is heir apparent, not heir presumptive, no birth can displace him in the line of succession.

Is Prince Charles heir to the throne?

Yes. Prince Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, and therefore heir apparent of the British throne.

How do you use heir in a sentence?

Prince Charles is heir to the throne of Great Britain.

Who is the current heir to the throne in Britain?

Prince Charles

Where does the throne go after Prince William?

The next in line to the throne after Prince William is his son, Prince George.

Where is Prince William in line for the throne?

Prince William is second in line for the throne, after his father Prince Charles.