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Q: Why is Reagan weird?
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What were Ronald Reagan's family members named?

The Reagan family:John Edgar "Jack" Reagan, fatherNelle Wilson Reagan, motherNeil "Moon" Reagan, brotherJane Wyman, first wifeNancy Davis, second wifeMaureen Reagan, daughterMichael Reagan, adopted sonPatti Reagan Davis, daughterRonald Prescott Reagan, son

What is Ronald Reagan's last name?

You just said it: Reagan. Reagan

Is Reagan single?

No, Reagan is not single.

Who was Ronald Reagan's father?

Ronald Reagan's father, John Reagan was a shoe salesman.

What was Ron Reagan's mother?

Nancy Reagan is the mother of Ronald's Reagan's son, Ron.

What is Reagan's birth name?

Maureen Reagan's birth name is Maureen Elizabeth Reagan.

What is the birth name of Reagan Browne?

Reagan Browne's birth name is Reagan Brown.

What is the birth name of Reagan Guthrie?

Reagan Guthrie's birth name is Reagan Brown.

What is Reagan's middle name?

AnswerRonald Reagan's middle name was Wilson.Ronald Wilson Reagan

Which U.S. president restarted the arms race?

Reagan. Ronald Reagan

Who was the president during the Iran-Contra scandal?

Ronald Reagan.

Who made the movie love is in the air in 1937 when 26 years old?

The answer is Ronald Reagan.