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For a few reasons: - It was the first true "World War" - The resulting situation in Germany, left destitute by the Treaty of Versailles, allowed Hitler to rise to power and lead Germany into WW2.

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Q: Why is World War 1 the defining event of the twentieth century?
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Why can World War 1 be considered the formative of the twentieth century?

WW1 can be considered the formative event of the twentieth century because I said so.

Why the Sarajevo Incident was the most important event in the twentieth century?

The Sarajevo Incident was the most important event in the twentieth century as this incident lead to the outbreak of WW1.

Which event in world history led to Jewish immigration from Europe to the US during the mid twentieth century?

The Holocaust.

Is the Holocaust the defining event of the 20th century?

For some people, possibly, but for most not.

The defining foreign policy event of James Madison's Presidency was what?

the defining event of his presidency was.... the war of 1812

Was joey smallwood a defining moment for Canada?

No, Smallwood was a person, not an event. He created some defining moments, but he wasn't one.

What world event happend in 2000?

The turning of the century and the beginning of a new milennia

What is the largest event of the 20th century?

Well, the term "largest" is awfully subjective, as is the term "event". I mean, on that scale, would you describe World War II or the Cold War as being a single "event"? Furthermore, the 20th century was perhaps the most diverse, eventful century in all of history. At the start of the 20th century, airplanes were a dream and by the end of it the Internet had become commonplace. Choosing a single "largest" event in all that time could only be a matter of opinion.

What event in the 20th century not 21st has had the biggest impact on the world in which you live in today?

The end of British rule in the Indian sub continent and the emergence of India and Pakistan as independent states was the most important event in this part of the region in the 20th century.

What event shaped US foreign policy between World War 2 and the 21st century?

The Cold War.

What was one event that happened during the times of Jesus in Bethlehem?

The most significant would have to be the birth of Jesus, Himself. Never before nor since has the world experienced such an event. God was born as a man, He experienced all human emotions yet was devine and sinless. It was a defining time in the history of the world.

What three important event happened in the 20th century?

Women's Right to Vote, World War II, and the end of segregation.

What is the end point of the world?

Depends on your definition of "world." If you are talking about the physical earth, the endpoint is relative to your start point. So if you are starting where you currently are, the endpoint is right behind you, since the earth is round. If you are defining "world" as the end of human civilization, the end point would be the moment after the last human has died. If you are defining "world" as the celestial existence of the earth, the end point would be immediately after a catastrophic celestial event that destroys the earth.

What century is 73 BC?

The car event

Which event resulted directly from the growth of railroads in the 19th century?

Answer this question… Which fact of life for African Americans in the 19th century limited the impact of the event described in the headline?

What is a current world event?

A current world event is...never mind about that...

What event is a potential defining moment that ushered in the biotech society?

Crick and Watson identified the double-helix structure of DNA in 1953

What original event resulted in evolution of insecticide resistance in some insects?

The application of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is considered the original event that resulted in the evolution of pesticide resistance in some insects. The incident numbers among the pivotal events in the twentieth century since its first applications date to the 1940s. Immunity to the pesticide's toxic effects may be traced back to as early as 1947.

What is an OSHA recordable illness?

An OSHA recordable illness is a condition which satisfies the requirements for an OSHA recordable incident (work-related, lost time, medical treatment, light duty, etc.), but which is not created by a single defining event; rather, it occurs over an extended period of time, and its effects on the human body are cumulative and chronic (persistent). Examples of illnesses include carpal tunnel syndrome (and all conditions in that class), hearing loss (that is not caused by a single, defining event), chemical or radiological poisoning (again, not caused by a single, defining event), and so forth.

When was klu klu klan?

It was an amazing event in the 12th century.

How did the world war began?

World War One began because of the assassination of the heir to the Austria-Hungarian Throne, Franz Ferdinand. The reason why this event didn't just become news in the Baltics was because of M.A.I.N (Militarism . Alliances . Imperialism . Nationalism), these factors started to take effect in the 19th Century and led to this event in history to cause one of the most devistating wars of the 20th Century.

Which event sparked World War I?

which event sparked world war 1?

What were the major event in Johnny Depp life?

As with every human life, all have their defining moments. For Depp, the birth of his children was life-altering.

What is a world cup event?

It is a event of football or soccer , to find out which country is the best in the world.

What major events happened in the early 17th century?

One major event that happened in the early 17th century was the death of Elizabeth I of England. Another event was the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in England. A third major event was the assassination of Stephen Bocskay, the Prince of Transylvania.