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If a woman who is married doesn't give birth to a boy, then that family can't go on on that side. If you give birth to an gender baby, then it could change your life and relationship with God.

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Q: Why is a baby important?
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Why is a mother important in a new born baby's life?

the mother is important as the baby will recognize her voice from when he/she was in the womb and they are important times as the baby will start recognize who her mother and father are.

Is worm important in human system?

Yes, its very important, no worm = no baby, worm = baby.

What is the moral lesson of the baby in the bottle?

how important to a baby

Why was the baby boom important?

because it was a magical baby

What is the moral lesson in the baby in the bottle?

how important to a baby

Why is cell division important for a baby?

Cell Division is important for a baby because the child needs to grow and develop.

How important is breastfeeding for the health of the baby and the mother?

Extremely important

Why is the royal birth to kate so important?

Its nice they had a baby, but why is it so important to people? Why are people idolizing them? I mean that baby is not any diffrent from any other baby in the world.

WHAT IS the most important factor affecting the baby's health during pregnancy?

The most important factor affecting the baby's health is the mother's nutrition.

Why are bedtimes for baby important?

Bedtimes for a baby are important because it keeps them on schedule and they dont get cranky if you dont put them to bed earliar or later.

Why is bethlihem important to Christians?

Bethlehem is a significant place in Christianity since baby Jesus was born there.

What is the first thing and most important thing mom can do to decrease the risk of having a baby die of sids?

Most important is to put the baby on its back to sleep. Also important are not smoking, not putting lots of pillows and things in the cot and not falling asleep with the baby on the sofa etc.