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Why is a banana a herb?

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The stem of the banana plant does not contain woody tissue, which classifies it as a herbaceous plant, or herb. The banana does contain the seeds of the plant though, which sort of also makes it a fruit. But technically, it is a herb.

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Is banana a herb or shrub?

banana is a herb.

Is a banana and a banana tree a herb?

Although referred to as banana trees, they are not trees at all but a perennial herb.

Is a banana a vegitable?

A banana is a herb . Surely a banana is a fruit?

Is banana deciduous?

banana is a herb not a tree.

Why is banana called as a herb?

because it is a herb not a fruit, Banana's are a herb

Why is a banana called an Herb?

I thought it was an herb... The bannana or banana is both a fruit and an herb. A banana is a fruit (containing the seeds of the plant). However, the banana plant, though it is called a 'banana-tree' in popular usage, is technically regarded as a herbaceous plant (or 'herb'), not a tree, because the stem does not contain true woody tissue, thus the plant itself is a herb.

Is banana an herb?

technically they are a herb because their leaves are.

Is banana leaf an herb?

Herb means "plant", thus all plants are herbs. What you may be trying to ask is, "is banana leaf considered a medicinal herb?"

Is a banana plant perennial?

Banana or Musa is a perennial herb.

What is a banana since it is not a fruit?

A banana is a fruit. Tetechnically it is a herb.

Is the banana a fruit-bearing tree?

A banana is a herb.

Is banna a herb?

when a banana is on a tree it is a herb but when it is fully grown it is a fruit

What is the biggest herb?

the biggest herb known to man is the banana tree

Is a banana tree a herb?

A banana is the largest flowering herbaceous plant

What do banana and pineapple grow from?

Pieapple is a herbaceous perennial and the banana is a herb.

Is the banana considered a berry?

The banana is a herb but is botanically classified as a berry.

Is a banana a herb?

A banana is both an herb and a fruit. Bananas come from an herbaceous bush, not a tree as many believe. Its seeds signify that it is a fruit.

Is a banana fruit vegetables or herb?

A banana is a fruit but it grows on a herbaceous plant.

Is a banana a fruit or a herb?

Bananas are fruits but in some parts of America they are classified as an herb.

Is banana considered a tree shrub or a herb?

Banana is a fruit and it is a plant, a tree has bark.

What is name of banana tree?

Musa. It is not a tree, it is a herb.

Is banana a grass?

No, it is technically a herb of the genus Musa.

What is the classification of banana?

A fruit or Herb depending on how its grown.

Is the banana tree trunk an herb or tree?

Banana tree is a herb. Although referred to as banana trees, they are not trees at all but a perennial herb. Its trunk is not a true one, but many leaves tightly wrapped around a single stem which emerges at the top as thefruit-bearing flower stalk.

Is a banana tree a tree or a herb?

A banana tree is not a tree, as its main stem doesn't contain woody tissue. The fruit of a banana tree (a banana) is a fruit.

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