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These crabs are called fiddler crabs because when the crab is eating it looks like it is playing the fiddle.

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Q: Why is a fiddler crab called a fiddler crab?
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Will a fiddler crab eat a dead fiddler crab?

Fiddler crabs feed on detritus, which is formed by decaying matter like plants and animals. So in essence a fiddler crab will feed on a deceased fiddler crab.

What is the scientific name for fiddler crab?

The scientific name for the fiddler crab is "Uca Pugnax".

How do you know if a fiddler crab is a boy or girl?

A Boy Fiddler Crab has 1 big claw and 1 small. A Girl Fiddler Crab has 2 small claws.

What group do the fiddler crabs belong in?

they bolong in the crab group like fiddler crab group

What class is the fiddler crab in?

The fiddler crab is in the Malacostraca class. Male fiddler crabs typically live for 3 years, and female fiddler crabs for 2 years.

Where to get a fiddler crab?

You can get a fiddler crab at most pet stores. I got my fiddler crab at Walmart because they were cheap. However you can also go to Petsmart I know they have them and I am sure Petco will have them too. A lot of the petstores have fiddler crabs.

How do you tell a fiddler crabs gender?

You can tell a fiddler crab's gender by its claws. A female fiddler crab has two claws, the same size. A male fiddler crab has one large claw and one small claw.

What are fiddler crab predators?

fiddler crab predators are animal that hunt and eat their prey, they are like crabs which is why they are given the name crab, but no one really knows where the name fiddler comes from.

Why would a male fiddler crab kill a female fiddler crab?

yes,but only for protection of his eggs

Is a Fiddler Crab extinct?


What is the diet of a fidder crab?

habitate for fiddler crab

Can a fiddler crab go in with a hermit crab?


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