Why is a pants fly called a fly?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Why is a pants fly called a fly?
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What is a French fly in pants?

the fly in pants is called 'la braguette' in French.

What is the point of a fly on pants?

The point of a 'fly' on pants is so that boys and men can urinate without pulling their pants down.

What could be a 3D visual for fly by the seat of your pants?

what could be a a 3Dvisual for fly by the seat of your v pants

Can pants fly?


Are skirts pants for girls?

No. Pants for girls are called pants. Skirts are not pants.

What are the football pants called?

I don't think football pants are called anything special, just pants.

Does anyone have info on the webkinz star fly pants contest?

There is no such thing.

What do you call the bottom of pants?

The bottoms of pants are called "Cuffs".

Why is the opening in a pair of pants called a fly?

It is difficult to say with any precision.Answer 1. Given that birds have to flap their wings to fly, in 'tent' terminology, there is what is called a 'fly', an extra outer layer, or a stand-alone sheet, which flaps about in the wind! In turn it seems that this word was used to describe 'fly-front pants', meaning flap-fronted pants.There were various type of front openings of pants, most now having a vertical opening, which were originally fastened with buttons covered with a flap or fly. In due course the zip was invented, and is commonly used now as an alternative to buttons. The zip may still be covered with a fly or flap, but not necessarily.Before the vertical opening became common, fall-fronted pants were commonly worn, where the flap opened downwards from the top.In both cases, whether the opening was vertical or 'horizontal', the fact that there was always a flap to some extent may have contributed to the adoption of the word 'fly' (short for fly-fronted) to mean the entire front opening of a pair of pants/trousers.Answer 2. Fly can also mean 'quick/quickly'. e.g 'He flew into a rage!' = he got angry very quickly. 'Time flies,' etc. So perhaps the fly opening is a quick opening in a pair of pants, rather than going through the rigmarole of unfastening one's belt and pulling down much of the garment in order, in the case of men, just to urinate.

What is the fuzz that collects in a pants cuff called?

The word for the fuzz that collects in pants cuffs is called lint.

What are the pants called where they have the buttons down the legs?

break away pants

Why are pants called pants?

Because Chuck Norris Is Your Mom <3