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The red panda is called the red panda due to their color fur.

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Q: Why is a red panda called a red panda?
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Why is the red panda called a panda even though its not a panda?

idk, why is the panda bear called a panda bear it it's not a bear? The person who first saw 'red panda' thought it looked liked a panda and therefore called it a panda!

What do you call a red panda baby?

The baby red panda is called a cub.

What is the name for a baby red panda?

Yes, a Red Panda baby is called a cub.

Why is the giant panda called a bear if it is more related to the red panda?

The Giant Panda is called a bear because it is not more related to the Red Panda, it is more related to the brown bear.

What is the name of the small panda that shares the forest with the giant panda?

it is called a lasser panda, or a red panda

What is the red panda called as a baby?

They are called cubs.

How did the red panda get its name?

Scientists have been wondering what to call them, so they just called them red pandas. To me, there is a legend. There was a panda who got in a war. there was much blood. it got on the panda and for there, there are called red pandas.

What is a baby red panda called?

A cub.

What are red panda babies called?


What is the smallest type of panda?

The Red Panda is of the smallest, also called a Firefox.

What is a red panda baby called?

All baby pandas are called cubs, regardless of the type of panda it is.

What kind of animal is a red panda?

A red panda is a relative of the giant panda, as well as the raccoon. Right now, it has its own classified family called the Ailuridae.

Is the red panda the smallest panda?

Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

Is the red panda a panda?

NO. they are not. They are called pandas because they look between a panda and a cat. But the panda did come after the red panda. also red pandas are their OWN species pandas fall into the category of racoons which scientists just discovered. giant pandas are normal.

Why is the red panda called the lesser panda?

Because it's not really a panda, it's more directly related to the racoon

Is the red panda a real panda?

Yes the red panda resembles a red raccoon.

What is a group of red panda's called?

They are called cubs for red pandas which is common to a tigers cubs and staff

What is a red panda called when it's first born?


Why are red pandas called red panda?

Red Pandas are called Red Panda due to the color of their fur. Scientist have been going all around thinking of what animal class this animal should be in. Some say Racoons and others say Pandas. But now their in the Panda class.Because of the markings. It is a reddish brown colour, thus the name "red panda."

Is a red panda as big as a normal panda?

a red panda is a lot smaller that a normal panda

What is a red panda's order?

what are red panda's order

Is the Red Panda a bear?

no the red panda is not a bear

Does a Red Panda camouflage?

no the red panda does not camouflage

Where can you get a red panda?

It is illegal to have a red panda as a pet.

What is harmful about a red panda?

the red on the panda is blood