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Why is a saving account better?

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This way the money that you put into the bank account will be saved rather than given away.

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Banks offers various types of saving accounts. These are as follows:Saving account ( Long term or short term)Minor saving accountForeign currency saving account

In Salary Account 0 balance is allowed and in saving account minimum balance required

saving account interest rate is now 4% that is best

yes, hence the name saving account.

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A savings account is a very good account to open up if an individual would like to start saving money. It allows extra saved money to be transferred from the checking account to the savings account.

It is not common for a bank to lose any account number. It may be a good idea to consult the bank in order to know why the account number is missing.

The best saving account would be one that the bank does not charge you any fees and has a low minimum balance require. You will want to look for bank in your area and pick the one that has the best interest rates on saving accounts. Most of the time a credit union will have better saving account rates then big banks.

A call deposit account is a hybrid form of Current account and general saving account which allows us to withdraw money at any time as in current account and provides us interest on the deposit amount as in other saving account.

bank pays bonus and interest on saving accounts

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Home Safe Saving Account is a small portable safe provided to the depositors by the bank.Not many people are aware of this type of an account and therefore it is very rarely used.

CASA statement means 'Current Account, Saving Account Statement'.

Since a savings account acquires interest it can be a good intensive to put away money that is better spent on large purchases. A savings account can also create a healthy habit of saving money for a rainy day.

No - every bank account MUST have it's own unique account number.

Saving can be used in a sentence many ways. For example you can use it referring it as saving money in the bank: How much money are you saving in your savings account?

A bank account that you use for daily purchases and other similar transactions. Not an account to use for saving.

A 401k is often a better, and a more traditional way of saving for a retirement than an IRA. The 401k is designed specifically for retirement, but a IRA is just a savings account.

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It means that you are saving some money in your own bank account.