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Vernier calipers are used to measure length when quite accurate measurement is required, but not such accuracy as to require a micrometer.

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Q: Why is a vernier caliper used to measure length?
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Is vernier caliper used to measure length or mass?

it is used to measure length .

What is the function of the caliper?

The vernier calipers is used to measure length of small objects to an accuracy of 0.01 centimeters.

Is used to find the length of a pencil eraser-vernier caliper or screw gauge?

Former i.e. Vernier Caliper

What does Vernier Detect?

Vernier Caliper is an instrument used to measure Small Lengths... Specify the type of vernier if this is not satisfactory...

What is the instrument used to measure the diameter of an egg?

Vernier caliper

What the apparatus that can be used to measure the diameter of a copper wire?


What instrument can be used to measure internal diameter of beaker?

A vernier caliper

Is vernier calipers used to measure length?

Vernier Calipers are instruments that are used measure length. It is an instrument that provides a digit of accuracy.

What does a ruler measure?

A ruler is used to make linear measurements like length, width and height.

Define object that can be use to measure?

This depends on what you wish to measure. A Balance or a scale would be used for mass or weight. A ruler for length, or perhaps a vernier caliper. A clock for time. and so on.

Which physical quantity is a Vernier Caliper useful for?

A Vernier caliper is a tool used to measure the length, diameter, and thickness of objects with high accuracy. It is particularly useful for measuring linear dimensions such as the internal and external diameters of cylinders, the depth of holes, and the thickness of objects. The Vernier caliper is designed to provide precise measurements with an accuracy of 0.02 mm or better, and it is commonly used in engineering, machining, and scientific applications.

What tool is used to measured length?

Some of the standard instruments used to measure length are a ruler, meter scale, measuring tape, vernier caliper, and screw gauge. To measure very long lengths like the length of a road we use measuring tape